Olivia Dope made headlines in 2021 after making sexual allegations against Joe Budden in a video which she shared on her Instagram. She was working with See, The Thing Is… podcast which was part of Joe Budden Network.

So, who is Olivia Dope? What is Olivia Dope’s real name? We address it all in this Olivia Dope Bio.

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Olivia Dope And Joe Budden: Allegations, Left Podcast

Former DJ Olivia Dope has accused Joe Budden of sexually harassing her during her time working in See, The Thing Is… podcast. She claimed it was Joe’s behavior that forced her to leave the podcast, she explained on the video shared on Instagram.

Olivia struggled with it for three months and was uncomfortable sharing it as a reason for her quitting the podcast. She talked about sexual, suggestive remarks Joe directed at her which made her uncomfortable.

The Brooklyn-native dubbed her experience “traumatizing” and “embarrassing.” She chose to speak up to make people aware of his nature and his behavior. She also addressed some edited parts of podcasts where Joe talked about him wanting to have sex with Olivia.

Olivia Dope Age, Birthday

Olivia Dope celebrates her birthday every year on 27 September. This naturally made her a Libra by zodiac sign. Furthermore, she turned 35 years old while celebrating her birthday in 2020.

Her Height, Measurements

Olivia Dope dealt with health issues for a very long time, 12 years to be exact, before the surgery. It deteriorated her health in the recent five years. She suffered from Fibroid, a common problem 80% of Black women have by age 50 as Olivia shared.

She suffered severe anemia, illness, fatigue, severe depression, and went through 4 blood transfusions in two years period. But she underwent the surgery and appears to be healthy than she ever was.

Coming to her physical attributes, Olivia Dope stands tall at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters) while she weighed 59 kilograms (132 lbs).

Olivia Dope Family, Ethnicity

Olivia Dope was born with the real name Tamika Haywood to her immigrant parents in Brooklyn, New York, the United States. She spared no private details on her mother and her father. However, she did share that they immigrated from Guyana.

With that being said, Olivia Dope and her possible siblings are of Guyanese-American ethnicity.

But, Olivia left a few details here and there. According to her tweet from April 2019, her father is a day trader who never taught her anything about Options trading. Meanwhile, her mother had her at the age of 22 just like her grandmother did.

Besides that, no further details on Olivia’s family surfaced in the public domain.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Olivia Dope is on Instagram with an impressive 42.1k followers even though she only posted 64 times as of May 2021. Moreover, she is also on Twitter where 6354 people followed her.

Likewise, Olivia is also on Facebook where her official page is followed by 1429 people.

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Olivia Dope Net Worth

Reportedly, Oliva Dope is estimated to sit on a total net worth of $600 thousand.

Olivia Dope has been in the entertainment scene of New York for a very long time. As for her moniker, she adopted her named from ABC Scandal’s Olivia Pope. She is a multi-talented New York resident who earned fame as DJ Olivia Dope. She loved all genres of music but New Jack Swing (Teddy Riley Era) held a special spot in her heart.

Only at the age of 4, Oliva trained to become a classical dancer (tap, ballet, and modern). Growing up, she used to go through her parents’ music collections and read about who wrote the songs, who composed the music, and who sang the background vocals. She had memorized the year any song was released and fashion trend at the time.

All of it put together made Olivia a one-of-a-kind deejay there ever was. She claimed that she lived music and had an impeccable sense of style. She also shared that she spent most of her days mixing songs and creating playlists. On the day when she had to play in a venue, she spent time thinking about what to wear more than what to play.

However, Olivia shared a fair share of struggles in her life, so much so, she was homeless at one point. She rode the NYC train to find a place to sleep and go to Starbucks which opened at 5 AM. In August of 2013, she quitted her job at H&M and decided to pursue her dream to become a DJ, from which her LivDope manifested.

Before DJing, Olivia also worked as a professional backup dancer for Shaggy, Chris Brown, and Mac Miller. She also built a reputation as a recording artist. She opened for Ciara In April 2021.

Along with her long career as a DJ, fashionista, and singer, Olivia also started featuring in podcasts. She previously worked in See, The Thing Is.., podcast. In April 2021, she mentioned quitting the podcast which is from the Joe Budden Network.

Then, she co-founded Blue Dope TV with her co-host Blue, a photographer, consultant, and businessman with an apparel line, where she invited entertainers and entrepreneurs to peek their brains.

Olivia Dope Baby Father, Daughter

Olivia Dope might be single as of May 2021, but she is a mother of a beautiful daughter named Ava. She had her daughter at the age of 22. On 28 March 2021, Olivia wrote a tweet—”Ava is turning 13 on Saturday and I’ve been overly emotional these past few days because of it.”

Per that statement, Olivia celebrated her daughter’s 13th birthday on 3 April 2021. However, she doesn’t appear to be in a relationship with her baby father. Meanwhile, she mentioned her baby father in two different tweets.

In one tweet from November of 2019, Olivia replied to Netflix’s video. The video showed a man experiencing a contraction simulator that gave a tiny glimpse at what childbirth was like. In there Olivia tweeted—”Where was this in 2008 when my daughter’s dad was laughing at me for cursing him out during labor?!”

Olivia also talked about her baby father proposing to her in the second tweet from June 2020. There, she wrote— “Lawd I HATE make me better. My daughter’s dad proposed with this song. Been avoiding it since 2008″

So, one thing for sure, Olivia wasn’t married in 2021.

In March 2020, Olivia tweeted about needing a Spring season boyfriend. She also made a similar tweet about wanting a Spring season boyfriend and in summer he shouldn’t be in her life.

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