Ola Runt initially gained traction because of his remix to King Von’s “Crazy Story” tiled “Brazy Story”. He then gathered attention as an associate of Atlanta legend Gucci Mane.

Continue reading and delve into Ola Runt’s wiki. In the process, find out his real name, ethnicity, and height. Moreover, discover his parents, age, and songs.

Ola Runt Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Ola Runt was born on 10th July 1996. Therefore, he became 24 years old in Summer 2020.

Per his date of birth, Ola secured Cancer for a Zodiac sign.

Ola Runt Wiki — Parents, Ethnicity, Real Name

Unsurprisingly, the “Osborne Flow” rapper wasn’t born with the real name Ola Runt. His parents had named his something else — info he refused to divulge.

While his stage name sounded very Nigerian, Ola didn’t seem to have connections with the African nation. What’s more, he once stated a friend gave him the moniker “Ola Runt”.

Reportedly, Ola owned African-American ethnicity. Likewise, on his music videos, he can be seen repping the Bloods.

Talking about his family, Ola described his parents as hustlers. Meanwhile, he labeled his grandad “vicious” who never held a steady job.

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Ola fell into bad company at a young age. The street life eventually caught onto him.

As a result, by 8th grade, Ola had dropped out from high school. The decision infuritated his mother who empasized on the importance of education.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Ola Runt, according to online sources, stood around 5 feet 10 inches in height. His weight, meanwhile, surpassed 80 kg.

Many noted Ola’s menacing stare as the rapper’s standout feature.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB, YouTube

On soundcloud, Ola accumulated more than 3 thousand followers (late-July 2020). Also, some 3.4 thousand people followed on Twitter.

Verified on Instagram, Ola flaunted 132 thousand followers on the platform. Likewise, he was also present on Facebook.

Around 22.5 thousand fans subscribed to Ola’s YouTube channel.

In June 2020, Ola went on a high speed police chase with police. His IG followers witnessed the entire debacle unfold on Live.

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Ola Runt Net Worth, Albums, Songs

At 16, Ola Runt was arrested on the armed robbery charges. Then a judge slapped him with 5 years jail sentence.

Once out from the prison, Ola tried to get his life back on the track by working a regular job. He would eventually quit it and become active in the street.

Upon his father’s request, Ola decided to give music a shot. To his surprise, the reception and reactions on his songs were all positive.

After his songs “Brazy Story” and “Hush Mouth” went viral, Ola began creating a buzz. Fellow Atlanta rapper Lil Baby even reached out to him lauding his music.

When Ola linked with Gucci Mane, there were rumors of him signing to the “Freak Girl” rapper’s label 1017 Records.

By July 2020, Ola had released two full-length albums titled “Mama Tired” and “Beggin For Body”. Also that month, he announced his latest project titled “Harder 2 Kill.”

Managed by Cinematic Music’s Hovain, Ola cited NBA Youngboy, Roddy Rich, and Stunna4Vegas as his dream collaborations.

When asked about his finances by Adam22 of No Jumper podcast in July 2020, Ola replied:

“I feel like I made it. Nowhere near done.”

By 2020, Ola Runt allegedly had under $200 thousand net worth.

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