Nick Robinson is an American TV, cinema, and theatre actor who has been named in Forbes‘ “30 under 30” in the Hollywood & Entertainment category.

Read the article below about the rise of this amazing actor into international stardom.

Who Is Nick Robinson Brother?

Nick Robinson was born as the oldest of the kids of Michael Robinson and Denise Podnar. He was born in Seattle, Washington. Nick grew up in a large family with four younger siblings and two older half-siblings from his father’s previous marriage.

One interesting story about Nick’s siblings, especially about his younger brother. This younger brother of Nick’s, whose name was not known, was a closeted gay. When Nick’s movie Love, Simon came out, where he played a closeted gay teenager himself, this brother of Nick also came out as gay. Talk about the inspiration from a big brother.

One of Nick’s most distinctive detail was that he had a striking resemblance to Ansel Elgort. That resulted in some people speculating that Nick might be Ansel’s brother. However, as we have already established, Ansel was not among Nick’s siblings.

Nick Robinson belonged to white Caucasian ethnicity with Swedish, Danish, and English ancestry.

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How Tall Is He?

Nick Robinson is a very tall guy, standing at a height of 6 ft 2 inches. He weighed around 82 kgs or 181 pounds.

What Is Nick Robinson Net Worth?

As of 2020, Nick Robinson’s net worth was almost $3 million.

Nick’s acting career started very early at the age of eleven when he played in a stage adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. He first tasted a touch of fame with ABC Family‘s Mellisa & Joy. In the show, Nick played the nephew of the titular Mellisa Joan Hart. Nick played the role for four seasons from 2010 to 2015.

Meanwhile, in 2013 Nick played one of the secondary characters in Jurrasic World. Before his most popular role in Love, Simon, Nick performed in many movies like Frenemies, Being Charlie, The 5th Wave, etc.

In 2018, Nick played in Love, Simon, a romantic coming of age story about a closeted gay guy. Nick played the titular role of Simon Spier. The performance brought Nick a lot of popularity and a lot of love from the fans as well as a lot of money. Nick, himself, was very proud of his role as he thought it could be a vehicle for social change.

The movie was so popular that it spawned its spin-off TV show. In 2020, Love, Victor, premiered in Hulu. Nick reprised his role as Simon. But he was no longer the lead actor of the show.

2020 also saw another new show for Nick called A Teacher. Set to premiere on 10 November 2020, A Teacher was announced to be a drama miniseries about a relationship between a high school student and his teacher.

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Is Nick Robinson Gay?

One word answer to that question would be, no. Nick Robinson might have played the role of a gay character in his most memorable performance but in real life he is straight.

Learn more about Nick’s girlfriend in the next section.

Who Is Nick Robinson Girlfriend?

When it came to his dating life, Nick Robinson was very secretive. He never shared about any of his girlfriends, nor does he every reveals if he had a girlfriend, except for stating that he was indeed straight.

There were some rumors that he was dating the beautiful Chloe Grace Moretz but there was no real evidence proving that Chloe was Nick’s girlfriend. However, Chloe and Nick did have a long history together.


They both worked together in the 2016 SF movie called The 5th Wave. Chloe played the lead role, Cassie Sullivan, an Ohio High School student while Nick played one of the secondary characters of Ben Parish. After 2016, Nick and Chloe were often seen together, posing for photos together. They even appeared on the 2015 American Music Awards together.


Nick Robinson and his rumored girlfriend Chloe Grace Moretz during American Music Awards 2015 (PC:

On the other hand, Chloe was famous for her on-and-off relationship with Brooklyn Beckham, son of footballer David Beckham and singer Victoria Beckham. As a girlfriend and boyfriend, Chloe and Brooklyn were the younger version of David and Victoria, i.e. entertainment industry’s hotshot.

Looking at everything, Chloe and Nick are just friends, close friends but just friends and nothing more.

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