Everyone knows TV networks are experimenting with new things to produce a hit reality show which gets people hooked on their TV set or their computer. And one of the examples of such TV shows is “Married At First Sight (MAFS).”

Marriage itself is a complex entwinement, and when tieing the knots with a stranger becomes the theme of the show, we can certainly expect the drama that comes with it. The successful run of the MAFS brought season 11 based on Louisiana. Among the 5 couples in the season, Miles and Karen had quite a story to tell.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Last Name

Miles from Married At First Sight (MAFS) turned 26 years old in 2020. Whether it is a show promotion strategy or a binding contract, but neither of the contestants on the show opened in detail regarding their background.

Because of that, we have very little to offer to the readers regarding Miles. Moreover, due to the lack of access to his private life, there are no details on his birthday. Additionally, his last name is also shrouded in mystery.

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Miles [MAFS] Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Miles from Kinetic Content’s MAFS is a riddle yet to be solved. He hailed Spartanburg, South Orleans as his hometown when he starred on the show. Almost no information on his parents has surfaced as of July 2020.

However, noted Miles’s parents got divorced when he was only 9. And this also triggered him to try and find his love of life.

Likewise, info on his possible siblings remains unanswered.

Miles [MAFS] Height, Weight, Distinct Features

The reality star stands at a height little above 5 feet 9 (1.75 meters) while he weighed approximately 71 kilograms (156 lbs).

Moreover, Miles’ clean-cut look had many women falling for him. The African-American handsome hunk’s gentle and loving personality impressed his partner Karen at first sight.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Miles is active on several social media platforms including IG, Twitter, and Facebook. However, due to the unavailability of his last name, access to the information has been restricted.

So, we don’t have the access to the number of followers which he boasts on his social media platforms.

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Miles [MAFS] Job, Net Worth, Education

To know that, Miles worked as a child educator, one can assume he holds at least a bachelor’s degree from a reputed college in the country. However, like every other detail on him, his educational pursuit remains obscure at the time.

As already mentioned, Miles worked as an educator before he decided to go with his luck to find the love of his life. He serves to help the young find a purpose in their life.

Several online sites noted the average salary of a teacher is around $60 thousand. Taking that into consideration, Miles’ approximate net worth ranges from $150 thousand to $250 thousand.

Are MAFS Couple Miles & Karen Together?

Among the 5 Louisiana couple that starred on MAFS in season 11, Karen and Miles turned heads with a drama that arose in the show. The couple who agreed to have faith in the matchmaker of the show had cold feet.

Karen found many things about Miles as she got private information on him from an undisclosed individual. She knew names, what he did for a living, and many of his hobbies and interests.

Defying the premise of the show, Miles’s partner knew almost everything about him beforehand. Whereas, Miles kept a Plan B if the relationship between the two didn’t last long. He mentioned lining up a wife-prospects if the “MAFS” fails in the end.

Throughout the season, Miles and Karen experienced both good and bad moments. On Decision Day, they chose to remain married. However, the couple had yet to be intimate.

Online gossip sites, meanwhile, claimed Miles and Karen had broken up at the show’s reunion.

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