Awaiting the premiere of HGTV’s brand new show, Frozen In Time? Well, why don’t you join us on this Michael Cummings wiki to learn all about the show’s star Maureen McCormick’s husband?

According to HGTV, the brand new home renovation show employed Maureen to decorate the structures “with decade-specific pieces to give the homes a refreshed look,” while her co-star, Dan Vickery brought “the structure up to date”.

Discover more about Maureen McCormick over this Michael Cummings wiki below.

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Michael Cummings Age

Michael Cummings was born on October 11, 1952. That made him 68 years of age in 2021; four years younger than his wife, Maureen McCormick.

Corresponding to his birthday, Michael is of the Libra zodiac.

His Family, Hometown

Michael Cummings didn’t talk much about his family. However, we’ve found reports that his family, friends, and associates included Jennifer Hervin, Jonathan Cummings, Kimball Cummings, Maureen Mccormick, and Lacey Cummings.

Initially, Michael began his acting career appearing on the production of Ibsen’s A Wild Duck at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen, Norway. But before that, he resided in Minnesota, studying BA in Theater, at the University of Minnesota. So, it’s hard to say that which of these two is his hometown.

Later, Michael also moved to Los Angeles to catch his dreams; and guess, it paid off well. Over his stay there, he landed roles on Drop-Out Father (1982), Miracle on Ice (1981) The Family Tree (1983), Desperate Lives (1982), and several Shakespeare productions.

Michael Cummings Height

Michael Cummings stand stall at a height of 6 feet (183 cm).

His distinct features include — brown eyes, comparatively smaller lips, and round lobed ears.

His Instagram, Facebook

As of June 2021, Michael wasn’t present on social media. However, he was timely featured over his wife, Maureen’s Instagram and Facebook with 96K and 189K followers then respectively.

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Michael Cummings Net Worth

Michael Cummings garnered a net worth of under $2 million by 2021. Likewise, his wife Maureen then flaunted over double his net worth i.e. $4 million.

Talking about his career, Michael stepped into the entertainment industry debuting in a production of Ibsen called A Wild Duck. Soon after, he created a “literary tour” where he performed for the people and the families of those who worked on the oil platforms in the North Sea. 

Also, he was worked as a translator for a Norwegian playwright during his off time.

But it was until after his graduation, Michael moved to Los Angeles, and joined the internationally famous Children’s Theater Company. Over there, he got the chance to work for multiple commercials and industrials; and he soon moved on to a mixed stage — movies, and TV shows.

Some of his popular works include — A Leading Man (2013), The Surrogate (2013), The Last Act (2012), Dark Island (2010), Shout for Joy (1983), In Love with an Older Woman (1982), and Drop-Out Father (1982).

So, why isn’t Michael as popular as his wife, you ask? Well, in 1989, Michael took a break from the TV world and stepped into corporate sales. He didn’t come back to showbiz until two decades later.

Michael Cummings And Maureen McCormick: Wedding, Kids

It was March 16, 1984, when Michael Cummings and Maureen McCormick got into a matrimonial relationship. That made them 37 years of husband/wife as of 2021.

To commemorate their 36th anniversary, Maureen took it to her IG with their old wedding picture, captioned, 

“Happy 36th Anniversary to my husband Michael. I love you forever. You are my heart, my home, my love. How grateful and thankful I am to be on this journey with you!”

As for how they first met, Maureen recalled that she stumbled upon Michael at a church with her friend Jerry Houser, when she was just at the start of her “recovery”. 

If you don’t know, Maureen previously struggled with drug addiction. She confessed that there even was a time when she traded sex for cocaine. But the experience that actually pushed her to the start of recovery was when she missing for three days doing coke and playing solitaire in her closet.

Mentioning their kids, the duo shares a daughter named Natalie Cummings (born May 1989), who was a yoga website designer by profession. As of 2021, she was working from her self-founded company called the Yoga Business Connection based in Wyandotte, MI.

Also, Natalie claimed herself to be a yoga diversity activist and a proud member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition Leadership Team. She even provided classes at 359° Yoga in Wyandotte, Michigan. 

Did you know: Before marrying Michael, Maureen was romantically involved with the actor, Barry Williams. The two got even to a point where Barry’s father had agreed to marry them. However, their relationship didn’t last long.

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