Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish was spotted walking in California Santa Barbara with possibly her alleged new boyfriend in April 2021. He was later recognized as Matthew Tyler Vorce who according to Instagram was an actor and writer. So, who is Matthew Tyler Vorce?

Delve into this Matthew Tyler Vorce Wiki to learn more about Billie Eilish’s rumored boyfriend.

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Matthew Tyler Vorce Age

As widely shared on Lipstick Alley, Matthew Tyler Vorce was 29 years old at the time of penning this article i.e. April 2021. He was allegedly born on 10 September 1991. Per that piece of information, Matthew Tyler Vorce secured Virgo as his zodiac sign.

Matthew Tyler Vorce Family

Matthew Tyler Vorce lived in several places. He lived in Las Vegas and Santa Monica, California. All the information Matthew has about his parents and siblings is a secret. Furthermore, he didn’t bother giving away information on his family members.

However, we’ve dug a few names who happens to be his relative. Matthew Charles Vorce, Leslie Charles Vorce, Jared William Vorce, Kathleen L Vorce, and Johanna Kirstine Vorce.

His Height

Looking at the pictures taken by several reporters of Billie Eilish and Mattew Tyler Vorce, he measures a few inches taller than Bad Guy hitmaker. What’s more, he stands tall at a height a little above 5 feet 10.5 inches (1.79 meters).

Furthermore, Matthew was criticized extensively for his looks. Unlike Billie who had blonde hair, he had dark hair. Plus, it looked like he inked a few tattoos on his fingers that weren’t quite clear because of its size.

Is He On Instagram And Twitter?

As it appears, Matthew Tyler Vorce was on all three platforms. His Instagram account was configured as private where he kept 7,606 followers as of April 2021. He only followed 669 people where he posted 156 times.

Furthermore, he went by the name @corduroygraham on Twitter. However, he deactivated his Twitter account. He was nowhere to be found on Facebook.

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Matthew Tyler Vorce Job

Professionally, Matthew Tyler Vorce is an actor.

According to BACKSTAGE, Matthew Tyler Vorce got his training from Groundlings and Playhouse West Studio 4. He took classes for Basic Improv, Intermediate Improv, and Advanced Meisner. He trained under Ariane Price, Jay Lay, and Stacey Miller.

Before Mattew pursued a career in movies, he trained himself and earned recognition from his days as a theatre actor. He played different roles in different plays. Various at The Beginning, Urban Death, Blood Alley, Druid Man in At Home With Monsters, Center Blue in Blue Man Group, Awaken Man/Bathtub Man in Creep-Awake, and Douglas J. Grifon in Creep-Lore. His theatre career spanned from 2013 to 2018.

Matthew’s stride in theatre wasn’t the only place where he earned recognition, he had long started his career as an actor working in front of cameras. His notable works on-screen included Little Monsters (2012), Itsy Bitsy Spiders (2013), I Wan’t Me (2015), Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? (2016), Dark Hours: Tyee (2016), and TV shows such as Return Home (2016), and Light House (2020).

Besides acting, Matthew also actively indulged himself in screenwriting, playwriting, sketch writing, voiceover, and modeling.

With his career as an actor and writer, Mattew Tyler Vorce stacked a total net worth under $150 thousand.

Are Matthew Tyler Vorce And Billie Eilish Really Dating?

Page Six first reported Billie Eilish being in a relationship with her rumored boyfriend Mattew Tyler Vorce. They were spotted enjoying a stroll in Santa Monica, California in April 2021. Billie looked as if she was trying to keep away the attention from the outside world with her Snoop Dogg hoodie and bike shorts.

The Ocean Eyes songstress was walking her pitbull by leash and they enjoyed a coffee together.

While walking around, Matthew had his arm around her at one point. She then rested her hair on his shoulder hinting at the gestures only possible if one was in a relationship.

Before Matthew, Billie Eilish dated Brandon Q Adams but the relationship ended in 2019. The relationship earned wide attention from the fans after the release of a documentary, Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry.


Billie and Mattew together in Santa Barbara, California (Pic: Lipstick Alley)

So the question remains, are Matthew Tyler Vorce and Billie Eilish really dating?

From the first look, the pair might actually be in a relationship. However, the newly rumored couple is yet to confirm the relationship as of 21.04.2021.

How Did The Fans React To The Romance?

So, what were the reactions from the fans of Billie and others who knew her?

A large number of people weren’t particularly amused about the possibility of a relationship. One person on Lipstick Alley commented, “Yuck. Predator and clout chaser.” Another interested individual named trixie06 commented on the age and wrote,

“Her parents let her date a 21 year old when she was 15/16, so its not a surprise.”

Whereas, Sgtpennylane criticized Mattew by going at his appearance. There, she commented,

“Got the pedo mustache and everything. Disgusting.”

One other commenter wrote,

“If a daughter of mine came home with THAT 30 YEAR OLD WEIRDOE he would hear my gun sing son of bitch I feel sorry for her, the teen brain isn’t developed to deal with all things.”

So, until the relationship gets confirmed stay with us for further updates.

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