Mary Schmucker, better known as Mama Mary, lived quite a life after leaving the Amish community. She enjoyed the English way of living life, and it definitely suited her. However, for some undisclosed reason, she returned to her old life leaving the TLC’s show Return to Amish.

Learn more about the reality star and other details of her life with this Mary Schmucker Wikipedia.

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Mary Schmucker Age

Based on online data, Mary Schmucker celebrates her birthday every year on 6 September. Born in 1959, she turned 61 years old in 2020. Furthermore, she secured Virgo as her zodiac sign.

In 2015, Mary received iTunes $100 gift card from TLC on her birthday which she had no use for. Instead, she tried to trade the gift card for $80 which she announced on her Facebook.

Her Family, Early Life

Mary Schmucker remains extremely private about details on her family members. She spared almost no details on her parents and her potential siblings. But, we know that she spent her early life as a typical Amish person living the Old School Amish-styled life, so she definitely had no access to cars, other electronic equipment, and fancy clothes.

Like all the Amish people, she lived a life different than the English people. But, Mary had curiosity and desire to live life as a normal people so she ended up leaving the community eventually.

Mary Schmucker Weight Loss

Mary Schmucker’s health condition improved ever since she started focusing on her well-being. First thing first, she shared about working hard to get in shape. For which, she used weight loss products for helping her drop her pounds and shared that she felt better than ever while updating about her health.

The TLC star had also dealt with a health crisis previously when she had a kidney infection. She expressed to her daughter-in-law she wasn’t drinking enough water. On top of that, her doctor recommended diet and exercise if she wanted to see some improvements in her health.

So, Mary hired a personal trainer after hitting the gym and also became a fan of the treadmill. But weight loss products sounded better to her than working out.

The stride to improve her health brought a lot of changes in her lifestyle. Mary, who wasn’t able to do laundry as it affected her heart, can do it with ease. She became capable of host church ceremonies and possessed the energy to set up the ceremonies.

Mary has control over sweet intake and takes sugar on an occasion. She also admitted she not eating the right food. As she saw the changes in herself, a desire to help others also sprouted within her. Hence, she advocated “heal your body within” and get on a health journey.

Back in 2015, Mary also had a health crisis that arose from a hernia. She was hospitalized in January of 2015 but was released once her doctor realized she needed no further medical attention. She underwent surgery and made it through.

Her Bed And Breakfast

Mary Schmucker and her crew renovated an old house, which was dubbed haunted, and converted it into an Amish bed and breakfast. It one of the business endeavors of Mama Mary. She shared about not being able to run the business due to the inability to pass an inspection. This meant the B&B was a real thing but out of order back then.

When she had surgery related to Hernia, Jeremiah Raber stepped in to assist her to run the business.

The Bed and Breakfast were located past Rossiter. So, a commenter picked up her use of past tense and asked if it wasn’t located there anymore. To which Rebecca/Abe replied that their mom was having a debate if she wanted to run it in the same place or somewhere else.

There exist no further updates on the current status of the Bed & Breakfast.

Mary Schmucker Net Worth

Mary Schmucker pocketed an estimated $1000 per episode from TLC. That along with income flowing from her business, she accumulated a total net worth of $150 thousand.

Ever since Mary left the Amish community, she found the freedom to explore her talent in running several businesses. Back in 2015, she started a Bed & Breakfast that couldn’t pass inspection.

However, the minor setback on her entrepreneurial route couldn’t halt her dreams and goals to establish a successful business. Mary published a cookbook and dabbled into Tupperware business since 2016. She works at Tupperware U.S. & Canada.

Mary also made herself available to host a party at the client’s house if it wasn’t 100 miles from her hometown of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

But most of all, Mary is best known as the cast of Return to Amish. She gained fame as Mama Mary among the Amish fandom. The show debuted in 2012 with four Amish and one Mennonite. She reportedly left the show to make amendments to the Amish Church.

As IB Times reported, she was shunned by the Amish church during the fifth season of Return to Amish. She left the show to make amend with the Amish church. Fans were confused when she wasn’t featured on the 2021 trailer for the sixth season, with many of them asking for involvement in the comment sections.

Furthermore, TV Show Ace confirmed she won’t be returning to the show.

Over the years, Mary had become the mother figure to her castmates. She will be dearly missed by them, especially Jeremiah Raber.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Even though Mama Mary’s history as a reality star is behind her, she still updates her fans about her life through social media. Her Instagram account earned a total of 7418 followers as of June 2021. Likewise, her Twitter account garnered 3262 followers in total where she tweeted only 50 times.

Furthermore, her Facebook account where Mary updated a post in February of 2021 earned 5688 followers.

Mary Schmucker Husband

Mary Schmucker married her husband Chester Schmucker a while back. After she left the Amish community to live the English life, her marriage hit the troubled water. She started leaving with her son Abe Schmucker who left the community even before she did.

Meanwhile, Mary’s husband stayed back in the community living the same lifestyle. Not many details have been divulged regarding the period of them being married in the public domain.

Mary Schmucker Kids

Coming to the details on her kids, Mary Schmucker has two sons; Abe Schmucker and David Schmucker, who allegedly was from her another relationship. She also has two daughters named Ella Schmucker and Katie Ann who devoted their lives to the Amish community.

When Mary heard the news of her daughter getting married, she gave up all of her possessions to attend the wedding. But, she had a hard time getting welcomed since she had to prove that she had given up her English way of life. Thankfully, Mary was successfully convinced to be present in the church.

Mary’s son Abe met Rebecca on the show and they are happily living their life outside of the Amish community. They left the show in the fourth season. Furthermore, Mary appears to have reconciled her relationship with her son David, ever since she reconciled her marriage.

One other theory behind Mary leaving the show was, she had found out her daughter Katie was pregnant and she wanted to be a part of her granddaughter’s life.

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