Tennis umpire Marija Cicak made history as ‘First Female Chair Umpire for Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final’ at Wimbledon tournaments in July 2021.

Amidst the history-making at Wimbledon 2021, discover everything about the tennis official in this Marija Cicak Wikipedia.

Her Age, Birthday

Born as a Gemini, Marija Cicak grew up celebrating his birthday every year on June 14th. She reached the age of 43 in 2021.

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Marija Cicak Nationality

Marija Cicak is a Croatian. She was born and raised in her hometown of Zagreb, which is the capital of Croatia.

Otherwise very secretive about her family background and personal life, she did share some stories from her early life.

Growing up, Marija went through karate, table tennis, handball, as well as swimming. And by the time she was in her youth, Marija had turned into a well-rounded athlete excelling in almost all of her athletic pursuits.

About Tennis, she was six years old when her uncle suggested to her mom that she try it. So, Marija started first through those mini-classes, and then she was 12 when she started playing tournaments. At 15, she earned her first officiating certification to work at national events.

By the time she was 18, Marija decided to quit playing tennis to go to university. At that point, she just wanted to focus on other things rather than play tennis.

“I wanted to just go to school and enjoy officiating.”

Thus Marija pursued a degree in kinesiology and all along continued to officiate as a hobby and stayed active by playing different sports.

For a good two or three years, Marija was a tennis coach for kids who were under-10, under-12. At the same time, she was doing Futures in the chair and was a line umpire at tour-level events and ATP Challengers. At this point, she really felt the need to decide what she really wanted to do and just go one way to stay with tennis. Of course, she chose to go with officiating.

Marija Cicak Height

Marija Cicak clearly stands 5′ 7″ tall in height when spotted at the Wimbledon Tennis court in London with Serena Williams who is 5′ 9″.

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Her Instagram, Twitter

Until 11 July 2021, Marija Cicak was not seen anywhere on Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media.

Nevertheless, there is this Marija Cicak fan account on Twitter @cicakinG which had “Fan account for the GOAT of 🎾 umpires, Marija Čičak. Or, as opined in The Guardian, a “Twitter-based obsessive…in a Crazy 4 Cicak t-shirt” worded this to its bio.

Her fans are also used to compiling the likes of “Marija Cicak exuding hotness” videos, of her tennis court moments, on YouTube.

Marija Cicak Net Worth

Marija Cicak had over an estimated $4 million net worth (before 2021).

She is well-known to players and fans alike for having earned the opportunity to officiate some of the biggest matches in the sport.

As one of a few Gold Badge Umpires, Marija is also one of the highest-paid tennis umpires.

Skilled to officiate grand slams and Wimbledon finals, Marija earns a whooping £1,500 per match and a grand slam fee of £2,325 by 2021 as per SportingFree.

Set to officiate the championship match between Novak Djokovic and Matteo Berrettini in 2021, Marija has been a gold badge holder for a decade and a WTA member since 2012. She has more than a decade of experience at Wimbledon, having worked at the last 15 straight tournaments. (She earned her silver badge in 2007 and gold badge in 2011.)

Not to miss, in 2015, she and Eva Asderaki-Moore made history during the final weekend of the US Open.

Besides the decorated on-court resume, Marija has also assumed a key position in the mentorship of the next generation of international officials. She finds teaching a school to be a different type of adrenaline.

That been said, Marija not just labels all these experiences as priceless but also never considers this as hustle. Not even when she has to spend an average of 30 weeks of the typical tour year at tournaments.

Is Marija Cicak Lesbian?

Marija Cicak has not shed light on her personal life including her sexuality.

And because fans don’t see her taking up a husband, they think she gives off lesbian vibes.

A fan had commented, “She is walking rainbow, no?… I just can’t imagine her with a dude, not that I tried, though” on a thread.

Marija Cicak Partner: Is She Married Or Still Dating?

Talking about her partner, Marija Cicak did not appear to have been married before the time of this writing.

Also, at the time, she had not opened up if she was dating anyone.

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