England football team reached the finals of the 2021 European Championship, their first appearance on the finals of any major international tournament since their 1966 world cup victory. The English fans were rejoicing the success like no other people in the world. One of the pillars of the current team’s success was Kalvin Philips. And today, we are introducing to you his girlfriend Ashleigh Behan. (

Read everything you need to know about the famous WAG in this Ashleigh Behan wiki including her age, job, height, etc.

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Ashleigh Behan Age

Ashleigh Behan was born on 30 May 1996. And so, as of 11 July 2021, she was 25 years of age. And during her 25th birthday on 30 May 2021, Kalvin posted on Instagram with her picture and the caption, “Happy Birthday to the most real and most beautiful woman in the world.
You deserve everything.”

Her zodiac sign was Gemini.

Ashleigh Behan Family

So, what do we know about Ashleigh Behan’s family? We do not know the name of her parents. We do know that she had at least one sibling, who was a sister and her name was Amy McLaughlin.

Another thing we know was that the Behan family was very big and quite connected. We know a few names in the Behan family but we do not know what relation any of these people are to Ashleigh. Some of the members of the Behan family are Kieran Behan, Wayne Behan, Amanda Behan-Alexander, Kristy Louise Behan (nee O’Connell), and Sammie Behan.

Ashleigh’s hometown is Leeds, England, United Kingdom. As of 2021, she still lived in Leeds with her boyfriend Kalvin Philips.

Her Height, Measurements

Ashleigh Behan is a woman of average height and stands at 5 ft 4 inches. And she weighed about 58 kgs. According to our sources, her body measurements are 36-24-35 inches.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Ashleigh had a decent social media presence and following until 11 July 2021. For example, on her Instagram @ashhhbx, she had about 131 posts and 17.9k followers. She was also present on Tiktok, also as @ashhhbx, and had 2.4k followers and 7.3k likes on her posts.

She was also present on Facebook but did not have her own Facebook page.

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Ashleigh Behan Job

Ashleigh Behan is a professional makeup artist and business owner. She owns her beauty salon and make-up shop in Leeds. Ashleigh’s expertise lies not only in basic beauty salon procedures but also in complicated Haloween makeup and face painting.

According to some information sources about finance, an average makeup artist in Leeds earned an average pay of about £9 per hour. Ashleigh must also be earning around that number, or maybe even a little bit higher because her profile was a little elevated because of her boyfriend Kalvin Philips.

Before becoming a makeup artist, Ashleigh went to the University of Leeds and graduated in 2016.

As of 2021, Ashleigh Behan had earned a net worth of about $300 thousand. Compared to her, Kalvin’s net worth was estimated to be over €9 million (i.e. $10.5 million). He earned over €1 million every year.

Ashleigh Behan And Kalvin Phillips: Engaged Yet? How Did They Meet?

Ashleigh Begab has been dating international football player Kalvin Philips, who played for England’s national side as well as Leeds United. According to most reports, Ashleigh and Kalvin seem to be childhood sweethearts.

They celebrated their 11th Valentine’s day together on 14 February 2021. And considering that both of them were only 25 years of age (Kalvin was born on 2 December 1995), they must have started dating when they were only 14 years of age. And they must have met while they were still in school. Talk about a love story!


Ashleigh Behan on a vacation with her boyfriend Kalvin Philips circa March 2019 (PC: Ashleigh’s IG)

Kalvin Philips comes from a family of mixed ethnicity. His mother was a white Irish woman and his father black Jamaican British man. He was born and raised in Leeds. He went to The Farnley Academy.

Kalvin, who stands at a height of 5 ft 10 inches, played as a central midfielder or box-to-box midfielder. He has decent stats in the English Premier League as well as in English Football League Championship, playing for Leeds United.

In his total 211 appearances for the club, Kalvin had 13 goals. That might look like a low number, but for a mid-fielder, who did not attack that often, that was really an impressive number. As of the day of the European Championship final on 11 July 2021, he had 14 appearances for the English national side.

Ashleigh is one of the greatest fans and supporters of Kalvin. She has supported him throughout his career, even during the early years when he was not very successful.

As far as we know, no, Kalvin and Ashleigh were not engaged as of July 2021.

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