On 30th September 2019, legendary reggae artist/actor Louie Rankin passed away. He was nearing his 70s.

According to TMZ, Louie’s cause of death is a fatal car crash. The accident which transpired in Ontario, Canada allegedly involved a vehicle and a transport truck.

At the writing of this article, the details surrounding the accident/crash were scarce.

The news of Louie’s death was met with despair. Fans, family, and friends took to social media and paid their tributes all the while reflecting on his legacy.

Net Worth, Songs & Movies

Of all his acting performances, Louie earned the most accolades for his portrayal of a Jamaican Kingpin in 1998 hood classic “Belly.” Starring next to rappers DMX and Nas, he played the character Ox.

Reuniting with Nas in 2016, he made a cameo on DJ Khaled’s music video for “Nas Album Done.”

“Shottas” and “We Run These Streets” were Louie’s other memorable movies.

Owning to his filmography, Screen Actors Guild had awarded him its membership.

His musical contributions, more so than his acting, defined him. The self-proclaimed “Original Don Dada” was instrumental in ushering the dance hall and reggaeton sound into the mainstream.

Besides his 1992 Grammy-winning single “Typewriter,” Louie’s discography boasted genre-defining songs such as “The Muscle,” “The Sting,” and “Poison.”

At the time of his passing, Louie – real name Leonard Forbes – owned a respectable $1 million net worth.

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Louie Rankin Wife, Children + Height

In total, Louie Rankin had seven children — three of which he fathered with his wife Jewlz Skyes.

Via an Instagram post on 30th September, Jewlz confirmed Louie’s death.

Louie and his wife Jewlz aka Julie Skyes got married in 1989. For the next three decades or so, Jewlz served as the actor/musician’s executive assistant.

Per her Insta bio, Jewlz identifies as a celebrity hostess, promoter, screenwriter, aspiring baker, and executive assistant.

Born in St. Thomas, Jamaica, Louie resided in Canada during his penultimate years on Earth. He stood little under five feet & six inches in height.

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