Loïk Gomez is the husband of Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia. In 2021, Kanye West enlisted Demna as creative director for the Donda Release event. So, attention moved towards Loïk.

Scroll down this Loïk Gomez Wiki to learn more about Demna Gvasalia’s husband.

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Loïk Gomez Age

Loïk Gomez was born on 2 July 1992. He turned 29 years old in the Summer of 2021. Moreover, he secured Cancer as his zodiac sign.

Loïk Gomez Nationality

Loïk Gomez was born to his anonymous parents in Southern France, near the border to Spain. So, he is of French nationality. Loïk shared in interviews that his father always played loud music at home while he insisted on the composition and sound quality as a reference.

The musician cited his father for teaching him the values of being an artist and a vision. In his own words: “my father made who I am today”

Talking about the musical preferences of his parents, Loïk shared that his parents listened to a lot of the New Wave. These are the only information he divulged regarding his family members through articles. Along with that, his family members remain a mystery as of this writing.

Loïk moved to the suburb of Zurich in Kanton Aargau. He never went to music school but, he was a self-taught music student. Loïk started playing guitar at the age of nine, and then the journey to composing his own music began.

The Internet played a huge role in his career as a musician. Whenever he wanted to learn new chords, he would go to YouTube and learn from them.

Musically, Loïk grew up in the Black Metal scene. He used to work in a club in Perpignan where death metal and cybergoth were also featured to play. This influenced him to immerse himself more into the music of Rammstein and Marilyn Manson.

His Height

With a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters), Loïk Gomez looks even taller with his slim physique. He has pierced ear and oval face and his hair which he dyes as per his wish, which is his distinct features.

His Instagram, Facebook

Coming to social media reach, Loïk Gomez could be discovered on Instagram under the name (@bfrndbfrnd). His verified account garnered him a total of 22.8k followers where he posts 81 times.

Moreover, Loïk is also on Facebook under his original name. His Facebook gathered 1,520 followers and he was friends with 4k people as of late July 2021. He is also on Twitter (@bfrndbfrnd) with 26 followers and only 10 posts in total.

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Loïk Gomez Job

Loïk Gomez sits on an estimated net worth of $600 thousand. A musician by job, when he started pursuing a career, Loïk adopted the name BFRND. He was also inspired by Alec Empire to do music in the first place. Some of his songs include La Vie En Rose, FRENCH CONNECTION, The Age of Tomorrow, Sunglasses At Night, H20, 160BPM, NEW WORLD, CULT, KAPITALISM, DEMOCRACY, THE RIVER ENDS HERE, and a few others.

Loïk also released an EP titled GENESIS (2020), FLESH (2017), and Afterlife.

He also delved into the world of fashion by associating himself with an international brand, Balenciaga. He connected and started collaborating with Andrew Eldritch, leader of The Sisters of Mercy for a career in the fashion world. They had invited Andrew to Create Balenciaga’s men’s winter 2017 show soundtrack.

Out of nowhere, Loïk started making fashion show music for the brand.

Loïk loved adding orchestral elements for Balenciaga’s video game Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow. He composed the music for all five levels of the video game featuring elements of techno, rave music but also Claude Debussy’s classical aspects. The whole game culminated in a breathing exercise, which he loved after all the dramatic scores.

All the music was produced in his home studio. He also worked as the creative member of his Balenciaga who is also an artist who painted a portrait and was showcased during the 44 Clones show.

Loïk Gomez And Demna Gvasalia: Wedding, Kids

Loïk Gomez And Demna Gvasalia have been together since mid-2016. As Loïk shared with Numero, he first met his other half in March of 2016 in London. He also confirmed that what they shared at that time was love at first sight.

The dating couple and frequent collaborator got married in Switzerland on 5 October 2017. Before meeting his husband, Loïk had no interest in fashion. Admittedly, he loved dressing up but never connected to any designers.

Although Demna’s work left him mesmerized. Loïk felt as if Demna was speaking the language he could understand and he could relate to. According to his SoundCloud bio, Loïk resides in the peaceful countryside of Switzerland near the city of Zürich with his husband and two dogs

After moving to Zurich, Demna became a vegetarian, began to exercise, and, departed his post at Vetements, leaving the enterprise in the care of his brother.

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