Andre Lujan might be a newbie for Dino Hunters, but he has years of experience working in the field of digging up fossils. So who is Andre Lujan? Is he married? Does he have kids?

Scroll down this Andre Lujan Wiki to learn everything about him.

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Andre Lujan On Dino Hunters

Andre Lujan got to have the experience to step on a dinosaur track in the famed Dinosaur Valley State Park as a child. That event was the pivotal point in his life that inspired him to become a self-taught paleontologist.

Decades later, Andre is a professional and who is invited over for his expertise including on several TV shows Dino Hunters of Discovery channel. He was invited over by Robert Abercrombie to join the show. He had also appeared in History Channel’s Pawn Stars before this.

Andre Lujan Age

As of July 2021, Andre Lujan was 38 years old. He was born in April of 1983.

His Height

The Texas native, Andre Lujan stands tall at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters). He weighed about 64 kilograms (141 lbs). Furthermore, his goatee and his big smile, and keeping his head bald are his distinct features.

Andre Lujan Family

Andre Cruz Lujan hails from his hometown of Hillsboro, Texas, United States. Information regarding his father and mother, he is yet to divulge their names and identity. Moreover, his social media also kept silent on the details related to his family members.

But brief research on his family brought some of his family members to the light. This included Richard D Lujan, Richard DJ Lujan, Mariana M Lujan, and Denise A Lujan. The list might include the name of his father, mother, and other siblings.

His Instagram, Facebook

Andre Lujan is on Instagram and Facebook. His profile (@real.andrelujan) garnered 189 followers until 31st July 2021. He made nearly 71 posts in total. He is also on Facebook and goes by the name Andre N Carrie Lujan. They kept the account private so not much information has been shared on the profile.

He updated the profile for the last time in July of  2021 while promoting the show Dino Hunters.

But, it was impossible to discover Andre on Twitter and TikTok.

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Andre Lujan Net Worth

Andre Lujan is estimated to have a total net worth of $300 thousand.

He is a self-taught student of fossils who has experience of over 15 years working with fossils. Andre never attended any colleges for formal education in paleontology. Nevertheless, he has created a reputation in the field enough to be invited in need of his expertise.

Talking about his job, Andre Lujan enrolled at LCA Environmental, Inc. in May of 2012. He worked as an Environmental Project Manager for six years and a month after quitting his job in May of 2018.

Before joining the LCA Environmental, Inc, Andre had experience working in microscopy, geology, and paleontology gave him valuable insight into the environmental field. In the company, his responsibilities included, abatement monitoring and documentation, asbestos surveys, report writing, and air sample analysis utilizing phase-contrast microscopy.

In 2016, Andre founded PaleoTex, LLC in Red Oak, Texas.

From November of 2019, Andre joined Hillsboro Main Street Committee where he served as a board member. He was also a county government student at the Greater Hillsboro Leadership Program from August of 2019. Moreover, he is the founder and executive director of Texas Through Time, Inc. He founded the non-profit museum in April of 2018.

In April of 2019, Andre made the headlines by discovering what appears to be the well-preserved remains of a species of dinosaur which was strenuous to discover in the Western Hemisphere. He had discovered it in West Texas in 2017 and was known as ankylosaur. Sharing about his finding he shared that the species was covered in spiky body armor and had a club tail.

The Texas Through Time founder has also resorted to using modern technology of 3D scanning and 3D printing of fossils to preserve the fossils. Andre started a GoFundMe to cover the expenses of the museum. Of the targeted collection of $20,000 in donation, he was only able to collect $1,690.

Andre Lujan Wife

Andre Lujan married his wife, Carrie Lujan a while back. But, his marriage hasn’t caught attention at the public level. Also, his social media account gave away nothing related to his marriage. Nevertheless, the married pair are happily living together with their kids.

As seen on Andre’s social media, he has two sons and a daughter which includes Ari and Archer. Andre and his wife also raised a kid named Van as their own. On Van’s 14th birthday, Andre wished him a happy birthday with a lovely message.


Andre Lujan, his wife Carrie, and his three kids (Pic: Andre’s IG)

Andre takes all of his kids on to field trip with him. He inspires and instills his love for discovering fossils onto his children and seems very passionate about it.

The relationship between Andre and Carrie remains obscure.

Talking about his wife, Carrie goes by the name @lujan.farm_grl on her Instagram. Her private Instagram account gathered 1,512 followers as of July 2021. Andre and Carrie are close together and it seems like she also shares a common interest in fossils with him.

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