Actor Armie Hammer has a new Canadian girlfriend to show off and the world can’t wait to know more about her. As reported, he found comfort and peace with her. Safe to conclude, their relationship is moving quickly. So, who is this lady Lisa Perejma who had to Call Me By Your Name actor spellbound?

Scroll down this Lisa Perejma wiki to learn more about Armie Hammer’s girlfriend.

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Lisa Perejma Age

Lisa Perejma appears to be in her age group of the mid and late ’20s. Though the precise, date of birth remains anonymous, some news outlets reported she was 27 years old in 2021.

And along with age, Lisa Perejma’s birthday and zodiac sign remain unshared.

Lisa Perejma Hometown, Family

Lisa Perejma was born to her father Paul Perejma and her mother Annie Perejma in her hometown of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Owing to the private nature of Lisa, she spared almost no details on her parents. However, a little research brought up the fact that her father was one of the three sons born to, late Mikola Perejma and Maria Perejma.

Sadly, Paul lost his brother to cancer on 21 September 2012. While LinkedIn shared that Paul was the owner of Arka Builders, that fact required confirmation from Lisa’s father. Besides that, no information surfaced on Lisa’s parents.

Moving on, Lisa grew up with her brother Paul Perejma Jr. Paul attended and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering. As for the job, he joined Herold Engineering Limited in July of 2008 and worked for the company until May of 2017.

Following that, Paul associated himself with IBI Group where he worked as a Civil Engineer from June of 2017. He is licensed with both BC and AB and is familiar with design adaptations to suit each region.

Her Height

The Canadian-blonde beauty is an eye-catcher no wonder Armie Hammer was star-struck by her. Lisa Perejma stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters), just a below-average height for a lady. Moreover, her blue eyes and her brightest smile lights up the room.

Furthermore, Lisa with her measurements of 31-25-35 inches made her look exceptionally stunning.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Lisa Perejma preferred to maintain a low-key profile and she is keeping every possible door shut. She is on Instagram but kept her profile private to avoid leaking private information related to her.

Her Instagram account gathered 1399 followers in total as of this May 2021. Whereas, she posted 51 times on the platform. She is also on Facebook but the only information the platform holds regarding her are the places she lived.

Otherwise, Lisa configured the platform private to avoid divulging further information. However, she couldn’t be discovered on Twitter.

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Lisa Perejma Job

The only information that was widely shared on the entertainment news outlet was, Lisa Perejma is a dental hygenist. So, we looked up and the first thing that one requires to obtain is a bachelor’s degree or a diploma from a dental hygiene school.

After that, one pass National Dental Hygiene Certification Board (NDHCB) written exam, and the college administered the entry-to-practice exam. In conclusion, yes Lisa is both beautiful and a brain.

However, Lisa doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile that offered information on Lisa’s academic background i.e the high school and the college she attended.

But, talking about Lisa Perejma’s job, she works at Seven Mile Beach Dental Clinic based in George Town, Cayman Islands. The state-of-the-art dental clinic offered high-quality general, orthodontic, and cosmetic dentistry.

Lisa was pictured alongside other dental hygiene team members on 10 April 2020 on the Instagram post of the clinic. Which informed us that she has been working for the clinic for at least a year.

In Canada, an average dental hygenist makes an average salary of $60,000 to $80,000 per annum. This sum of money contributes to Lisa’s total net worth of $150 thousand.

Lisa Perejma And Armie Hammer: Dating, How Did They Meet?

As per the information obtained by Daily Mail from a source close to the actor, Lisa Perejma and Armie Hammer began dating each other for three months in May 2021. She was credited for helping Armie “turning his life around.”

As the source stated that the Call Me By Your Name actor seemed happier and healthier than he ever did in a long time. The relationship kind of escalated very quickly as he wasted no time to hold introducing her to his mother and stepmother.

He also went through a crisis in early 2021 when his ex-girlfriend accused him of abuse after they leaked messages of him discussing cannibalism fetishes and rape fantasies. Just after that, in March, another woman named Effie accused him of violently raping her in a hotel room. As per the woman, they were in a relationship for four years.

The actor has been spending time in Cayman Island since December of 2020. He was there to reunite with his kids: Harper and Ford.

However, Armie’s relationship with his estranged wife Elizabeth Chalmers made his romance with Lisa. As reported by People, they appeared happy and comfortable with each other. But, how the love birds met each other remains unaddressed as of this writing.

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