Only Love Can Hurt Like This hitmaker Pamola Faith and Leyman Lahcine welcomed their second baby girl into the world in 2021. The love-birds were already parents to a baby daughter who was born in December of 2016. With that, her husband-like long-time partner Leyman was once again in the spotlight.

So scroll down this Leyman Lahcine wiki to learn more about her!

Leyman Lahcine Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Leyman Lahcine was born in 1987. He was reportedly 34 years old as of the time of February 2021. However, he avoided sharing the precise date of his birth. This is why we don’t possess much information on his birthday and his zodiac sign.

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Leyman Lahcine Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Nationality

Leyman Lahcine was born to his anonymous parents in Grenoble, France. While no information surfaced on his parents, they were reportedly Algerian natives. This naturally made him a French-Algerian national.

While Leyman’s art speaks the inner working of his mind and his compassion, he avoided divulging information regarding his parents. In the same way, Leyman also shared no information about his possible siblings.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Leyman Lahcine has two Instagram accounts. His Instagram, where he posts his work in fashion designing, gathered a total of 1687 followers. Likewise, his other Instagram account gathered 4669 followers as of this writing.

The man is also on Twitter with 245 followers. However, he is nowhere to be found on Facebook.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Height-wise, Leyman Lahcine stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters) which is just a couple of inches taller than his partner Paloma Faith. He weighed about 76 kilograms (167 lbs) in total.

Moreover, Leyman is a dashingly handsome man who can put down his paint stars and pencil and start working in front of the lens. His strong eyebrows and well-grown facial hair with a sense of style are his distinct features.

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Leyman Lahcine Education

Leyman Lahcine attended Kingston University in 2015. He graduated with a master’s degree in fashion in 2016. But, along with a passion for fashion, he also loves working with a color palette. As he claimed, whenever he moves his hand he focuses on gratification rather than the shock factor. He is often categorized as a French Postwar & Contemporary artist.

Leyman Lahcine Net Worth, Art 

The French-Algerian artist always saw himself as an artist in love with fashion. He never compromised his self-interest over the satisfaction of the audience. He instilled his personality in his work and it spoke more about him rather than his work.

The artist also joined Gentlemen’s Recess where he worked as a head designer/ creative founder. While in college in 2016, he caught the attention of the fashion world as a fashion designer when he made knitted jumpers with the face of freedom fighters.

The fashion show was held at MA Fashion Show at the Vinyl Factory in Soho. He used upholstery garments to create jackets and trousers. He also embroidered T-Shirts and berets with slogans like Resist to Exist and There is No Quiet Protest

Talking about the designs he explained— “The characters on the jumpers are all people who have put their lives at risk for ideals such as social equality, education for women, and stopping war”.

This reminded the appreciation for the Nobel Laureate’s work for social justice. However, the career as an artist and designer escalated when he met his partner, but more on that later. He further polished his sense of style trying not to look like others.

Leyman has exhibited his work in several places and events including in 2014 Pelicans and Parrots in London, 2013 Jinny Gallery in New York, 2011 Powerful magic tattoo in New York, 2011 White Box Gallery, and 2011 Soapstone Gallery among a few other exhibitions.

The French-born artist made a transition from art to fashion when he established his own label in the US. He also collaborated with Roland Mouret to produce limited-edition perfume bottles.

Meanwhile, the proceeds which Leyman Lahcine received from art and fashion are contributing to his burgeoning net worth of under $1 million.

Leyman Lahcine & Paloma Faith: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Leyman Lahcine considers meeting English singer Paloma Faith as a breakthrough. She helped curate his work and helped to bring distinctiveness into his work. Leyman met Paloma at a restaurant in downtown New York. The couple started dating each other in 2013.

While speaking to Kingston University London in 2016 he uttered— “I found someone very similar to myself who became my inspiration and I soon found I couldn’t live without her. I moved to London two years ago and now we are expecting our first child. She is such a wonderful woman, so supportive.”

Whereas, Paloma loved Leyman’s face when they first met. She told one of her best friends that she had hoped of him being an idiot which he wasn’t. Why? Do you ask?

Well, as Leyman lived in New York and Paloma believed being in a long-distance relationship would be problematic. She commuted between London and New York for nine months before he came to England for Paloma.

As Leyman was in the middle of the Green Card application, which he didn’t finish, he was banned from America for 10 years. This also meant that he truly loved her.

The couple gave birth to their first baby in December of 2016. They then announced their pregnancy in September of 2020. Paloma had undergone six rounds of IVF treatment before she got pregnant.

Paloma had also suffered a miscarriage in 2019. So the question remains are Paloma and Leyman married? Did they have a beautiful wedding?

To cut to the chase, no, they weren’t married as of February 2021. However, Paloma considered Leyman Lahcine her husband without a marriage certificate.

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