Leo Assaf rose to infamy as the lover of “90 Day Fiance” star Anfisa Nava — the wife of Jorge Nava.

Read along and delve into Leo’s bio details like his age, job, and nationality. Moreover, discover his height, net worth, and family background!

Leo Assaf Bio — Who Is He?

Needless to say, Leo Assaf kept a low profile. Although his nationality and family details remained hidden, he read and understood Russian.

What’s more, Leo appeared like a man in his late-30s and early-40s. Without a birthday and date of birth, his age maintained mystique.

Based on the photos, Leo probably possessed Caucasian ethnicity. Likewise, he sported a bald hair and stood above 5 feet 10 inches in height.

A man of the bulky physique, Leo seemed very much interested in fitness. Perhaps, the very trait helped him build a bond with Anfisa — a former bodybuilder and a fitness trainer by trade.

“90 Day Fiance” fans didn’t know Leo Assaf’s job title. Because he didn’t possess a LinkedIn profile, his work of line escaped public records.

Leo, however, was available on Instagram and operated under the username @leo_never_quits. Unsurprisingly, he kept his profile on the platform private.

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Dating History With Anfisa Nava

When Leo Assaf first ignited a romance with Anfisa Nava, she was still a married woman. Her husband, Jorge Nava was serving a prison sentence for drug trafficking charges.

Anfisa felt the worst burnt of their ex-marital affair. Fans accused the Russian bombshell of being unloyal towards her incarcerated spouse.

For her part, Anfisa complained about the media of picking a side and not letting the people hear her side of the story.

Nevertheless, Leo first began popping on Anfisa’s IG in February 2020. However, it wasn’t until March that year, they became official on the platform.

Every chance there laid, Leo raved about his girlfriend. In one IG post, he branded himself Anfisa’s biggest fan. In another, Leo called Anfisa “my forever crush”.

When Summer 2020 kicked around, Leo and Anfisa were still together. Surprisingly, he had asked the Russian beauty to delete their photos from her Instagram.

In the end, everything panned out good for all the parties involved. Even Jorge Nava debuted his romance with a mystery girlfriend in June 2020.

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