Good news fans, Laverne Cox will be hosting Live from E! from the start of the show’s 2022 award season. She will be replacing Giuliana Rancic, who left E! after signing a deal with NBCUniversal. “Humble and Excited”, Laverne shared that she always “dreamed of walking red carpets”, and now with the chance, she was offered, she was going to make the most out of it.

So, who is she? What is her personal life like? Does she have a boyfriend or a husband? Stay till the end to learn all about it. 

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Her Age: How Old Is She?

Laverne Cox was born on May 29, 1972. That made her 48 years of age in 2021.

Corresponding to her birthday, Laverne is of the Gemini zodiac.

Laverne Cox Parents

Laverne Cox comes from a single-parent family. She was raised by her single mother, Gloria Cox, and her grandmother in Mobile, Alabama. According to Gloria, the early days were tough for them. She “always worked” and most of the time she took on a second job as well.

Gloria was a first-generation college student in her family, so she knew the importance of education for her kids. Thus, she pushed herself, and it was only in 2011, that she retired.

As of 2021, Laverne was living in the same house in her hometown where she raised her kids.

Information about her father wasn’t shared.

As for her siblings, Laverne has a twin brother named M. Lamar who is a musician and actor popular for appearing as “Marcus Burset” in Orange Is the New Black (2013).

Laverne Cox Before

Laverne Cox had a tough life before. She was bullied and shamed a lot for being a “sissy” at school. Which ultimately led to her attempt suicide at age 11.

She recalls being chased from school practically every day, and the only reason for that was because she “didn’t act the way someone assigned male at birth was supposed to act.”

Moreover, even her school teacher was of no help to her. Laverne was heartbroken as her teacher warned her mother that she was sick and “would end up in New Orleans wearing a dress if we don’t get him into therapy right away.” 

However, Laverne went on to make history as the first openly transgender person to grace the cover of Cosmopolitan and Time magazine. She now uses her influence and platform to stand for LGBTQ rights, and help those like her come out of their shell.

Her Height

Laverne Cox stands tall at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Laverne Cox Net Worth

By 2021, Laverne Cox garnered a net worth of $4 million.

As an actress, Laverne is credited to popular movies and TV shows like — Inventing Anna (2021), The Blacklist (2021), Charlie’s Angels (2019), Orange Is the New Black (2017), The Mindy Project (2017), and many more.

Also, she has been the executive producer for productions like Glam Masters (2018), Doubt (2017), The T Word (2014), and more.

For her works, Laverne has been an Emmy nominee for three instances, while one of her documentaries has also won an Emmy award. 

E! Executive Jen Neal called her “a risktaker, groundbreaking pioneer, and a fashion tour de force.”

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How Close Was Kyle Draper Becoming Laverne Cox’s Husband?

Laverne Cox introduced her then-boyfriend Kyle Draper to the world back in April 2018, after 9 months of dating. According to her, she first stumbled upon the man over Tinder and was convinced to give him a chance.

Being a transgender, the dating game wasn’t that easy for Laverne. But it was her relationship with Kyle that showed Laverne that she was capable of finding love, just like anyone else. In her words, 

“For most of us, it’s really hard. It’s been hard for me dating while trans. But there is hope!”

Unfortunately, the possible husband-wife broke up two years later in late 2019. “Single lady here,” Laverne wrote over IG, followed by the revelation of her break up with Kyle. Also, she mentioned that “after much soul searching and tears” from both of them the decision was mutual. 

She even addressed her fans who were looking up to their relationship and asked them to be hopeful that finding love like this (despite being a trans) was possible. Although Laverne and her now-former husband hopeful, Kyle might have gone separate ways, she wanted her fans to know that they were “both capable of giving and receiving love” and were happy for “every moment shared”.

Trivia: Laverne was in a relationship before Kyle.


Laverne Cox with her boyfriend, Kyle Draper (Source: US Magazine)

Who Is Laverne Cox’s New Boyfriend?

Laverne Cox’s said that finding her new boyfriend was a “miracle”. Amidst the 2020 pandemic, she was never expecting to find a “love” like this. She shared, 

“I thought he was just going to be this hot dude I was going to be hanging out with, and then it just kind of happened.”

It seems that the two started hanging out in mid-2020, and it wasn’t until 6 months later they exchanged “I love you’s”.

Like her previous two relationships, Laverne’s new boyfriend has never dated a trans woman before. Moreover, what’s surprising is that he is technically 22 years younger than Laverne. But according to Laverne, the age difference never been an issue, and she knew that he wasn’t “playing games” either. She added,

“He’s just so kind and funny, and we’ve laughed and had just the best time.”

Laverne also took this time out to address the stigma, “if a guy dates a trans woman, is he gay?” She said, 

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding because I think the womanhood of trans is often denied by a lot of people. So men who are attracted to trans women are attracted to women – they’re not gay. People assume they’re gay and so it gets really confusing.”

As of 2021, Laverne didn’t reveal her new boyfriend’s name. All that’s known was that he was a 20-year-younger “insanely hot” man who wasn’t “playing games”.

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