Lauren Stoppelbein is the mom of Bri Springs. To those still in the dark: Bri Springs rose to fame, competing in the Matt James’ season.

Continue scrolling and discover facts about Bri Springs’ mom including her age, husband, and Instagram. Furthermore, find out her job, baby, and ethnicity.

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Lauren Stoppelbein Age, Birthday

In 2020, Lauren Stoppelbein reached the age of 38. Also, 2nd April marks her birthday. She was born an Aries in 1982.

13 years her junior, Bri Springs turned 25 years old in November 2020. No wonder, Lauren and Bri appeared more friends than a mother-daughter duo.

On her 36th birthday, Bri took to IG and shared a selfie of them. In an accompanying caption, she wrote— “always and forever a mommy’s girl 👼🏾 you deserve to be celebrated every day, happy birthday mama.”

Is Lauren Stoppelbein Persian?

Yes, Bri Springs’ mom, Lauren Stoppelbein is a Persian woman.

According to her FB, Lauren is a native of  San Antonio, Texas. Meanwhile, as of 2021, she was a resident of Boston, Massachusetts.

As, Bri Springs has an uncle named Robert Stoppelbein. Putting two and two together, the Bachelor fans concluded Robert was either Lauren’s brother or brother-in-law.

A self-proclaimed actor, Robert reportedly worked as Vice President at CNI Problems Solvers. As of 2021, he was still residing in Beverly Hills.

Her Height, Measurements

A “stallion,” Lauren Stoppelbein stands above 5 feet 7 inches in height. Meanwhile, she owns a body with hour-glass measurements.

None is a big admirer of Lauren’s beauty than her daughter. Bri once thanked her mom for bestowing her with good genes. By her admission, as she grew older, she began resembling Lauren.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Thanks to the Bachelor fame, Lauren had already amassed 3.1 thousand followers by Feb 2021. She was also on Facebook but provided limited access. Her presence on Twitter, on the other hand, was nonexistent.

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Lauren Stoppelbein Job, Net Worth, Aesthetic Practice Manager

Lauren Stoppelbein is an Aesthetic Practice Manager. According to, she possesses experience in dermatology and plastic surgery.

Reportedly, Kraussderm And Mednet Technologies, Inc employed Lauren. Based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, the company had around 130 employees with a reported $20 million in revenue.

Aesthetic Practice Managers in the US make around $75 thousand. Given her experience, Lauren should earn the sum in salary and even more.

Lauren’s net worth surely surpassed $500 thousand.

To mention her academic qualifications, Lauren holds a certificate from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Breast augmentations, tummy tucks, facelifts, and nose jobs are her fields of expertise.

Lauren Stoppelbein Fiance, Husband, Baby

As of February 2021, Lauren Stoppelbein didn’t have a husband because she was yet to tie the knot. However, she had a fiance who was her second baby daddy (Bri Springs’ dad was the first).

24 years after giving birth to Bri, Lauren became a mother for the second time in 2020. August that year, she and her fiance welcomed a baby girl. They named their daughter Rumi.

Interestingly, Lauren refrained from sharing photos of her soon-to-be husband on Instagram.

Lauren was 13 when she became pregnant with Bri. She raised Bri as a single parent with assistance from her mother. Bri’s father was never around to look after her. Nonetheless, Lauren raised Bri to become independent and with feminist ideologies.

Lauren Stoppelbein Matt James, Bachelor

As seen on Bachelor, Lauren had a private convo with Matt James. During their conversation, Matt admitted he and Bri related to growing up with a single parent. He then confessed to falling for her.

Lauren, meanwhile, responded by labeling Bri a realist. According to her, Bri fears being shut down.

When Lauren asked Matt if he sees Bri in real life, the Bachelor responded positively.

Although Lauren admitted Matt and Bri had a connection, she feared it could be lust between them.

Reality Steve, in his early prediction, revealed Bri made Matt James’ final four. However, the spoilers king shared it was Rachael Kirkconnell who receives the final rose from Matt.

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