Well, they say age is just a number and this did apply to some of the closest pairings in Hollywood, including Hugh Jackman, Deborra-Lee Furness, and George, Amal Clooney, and now Lionel Richie and his much much younger girlfriend Lisa Parigi.

Lionel and Lisa, having been reportedly confirmed as a couple since 2014, their whopping age gap has often been the talk of online people.

Below is writing about Lisa Parigini and her relationship dynamics with the American Idol judge.

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Lisa Parigi Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Born as a Libra on Sep. 30, 1989, Lisa Parigi reached the age of 31 in 2020. And clearly, she is 40 years younger than Lionel who turned 71 in June 2020.

Lisa Parigi Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

Lisa Parigi spent her childhood and early adulthood in Switzerland. Speaking of her ethnicity, she is half Chinese and the rest of her heritage is Caribbean and Swiss.

She can fluently speak four languages— German, French, Schwiizertüütsch” (Swiss German), and English. Although, despite her Chinese background, she does not speak Mandarin or Cantonese.

For now, Lisa Parigi chose to keep siblings (if she had any) away from the media and the public’s prying ways.

Social Media Reach: IG, Facebook, Twitter

Now, a Los Angeles dweller, Lisa Parigi had a generous 41k followers on her Instagram and a few more than a hundred followers on her Twitter handle.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Lisa Parigi stands to a height that is 5′ 8″ and a lately reported weight of less than 58kg. Also, her passable model physique and bust-waist-hip measurements were recorded as 35-25-36 inches.

Lisa Parigi Net Worth, Job, Is She A Realtor?

Lisa Parigi’s namesake on LinkedIn is a Realtor at Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Houston, Texas, the United States. The profile went on describing Lisa as a native of Beaumont, Texas. And that she previously lived in Dallas, Texas, and now is a dweller of the Highland Village area. All this and the likes of “Lisa and her husband, Sam, are actively involved in the ministries of St. Michael Catholic Church” did not possibly match with Lisa famously going out with Lionel who has been dubbed the world’s best-selling artists of all time.

In the meantime, what we know for sure is Lisa Parigi earns living primarily as a lifestyle blogger and investor. And thus far, her net worth was reported nearly $800 thousand.

Before she arrived in the United States, Lisa held key positions at numerous IT-focused Fortune 500 companies based in Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland. The gigs ignited an interest in design. Admittedly, she is a vivid fashion aficionado.

Lisa founded a luxury brand titled The Estate Collection. She then launched her blog Dream.Design.Discover.

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Lisa Parigi & Lionel Richie: Dating, How Did They Meet?

Reportedly dating since at least 2014, Lisa and Lionel ignited much discussion online all the time. And so addressing the likes of “I know we say if they’re both full adults age gaps don’t matter but something about Lionel Richie being FORTY when his GF was born just does not sit right 😭” Lisa took to her Instagram story on Feb. 24, 2021, to write:

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people”


Lionel Richie claims Lisa helps him deal with his “crazy world” (PIC: Lisa’s IG)

But of course, people have also been showing immense love and support for the couple. It was not even the first time Hollywood experiences the big age gap. The biggest age gap ever recorded among celeb couples would be the one between American Pie singer Don McLean and his Playboy model girlfriend 48 years his junior.

Anyway, about Lisa and Lionel again, it is believed there might never be any wedding bells for the two. This because, Lionel, has talked about not being that keen on giving marriage a third chance.

He was previously married to Brenda Harvey (from 1975 to 1993), and Diane Alexander from (1995 to 2004).

Speaking to the Mirror about his chances of getting married again, Lionel had said women have “ruined” the idea of marriage for him. In his own words:

“I’ve been there twice, and it was very expensive for me. I’ve no idea to go there a third time – women have killed it for me. Kids aren’t the problem – ex-wives are.”

Still, Lionel said he is “happy to commit in other ways”, and Lisa, is also supportive of his decision and that she is okay not having a ring on her finger to validate her relationship. And about this, Lisa was also like “What we already have is enough. Lionel doesn’t owe me anything.”

Be that as it may, Lionel confirmed he is still willing to become a father to Lisa’s children.

Meanwhile, Lionel is already the proud father of three kids— Nicole Richie, Sofia Richie, and Miles Richie.

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