In early 2021, Engelbert Humperdinck’s wife Patricia Healey was hit pretty hard by the COVID-19. On top of struggling with Alzheimer’s, the diagnosis of the coronavirus “made it rather impossible” for Patricia to see the health professionals.

Turning every stone possible — Engelbert also took it to his IG and FB with a heartfelt video, asking prayers for his wife from all around the world. He shared, “With all your prayers coming together, God will send the right message, and the right angels, and the right people to put their hands on her. Please help with a quick prayer. That’s the most important thing.”

Keep reading this Patricia Healey wiki to learn more about her.

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Is Patricia Healey Still Alive?

Yes, as of 5th Feb 2021, Patricia Healey was still alive.

However, her health wasn’t so great. According to Engelbert, she was not eating and drinking. Through the husband-wife duo, both contracted the COVID-19 virus in Jan 2021, Engelbert was back to health while Patricia (who suffered from Alzheimer’s since 2007) struggled to recover.

Patricia Healey Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Patricia Healey was born on September 10, 1936. That made her 84 years of age as she was bedridden in 2021 due to COVID-19.

As per her birthday, Patricia is of Virgo zodiac.

Did u know: Patricia and her husband, Patricia share the same birth year.

Patricia Healey Wiki — Family, Nationality, Young

Patricia Healey grew up with her family in the UK. Unfortunately, not much was shared about them.

As for her nationality, Patricia is British.

Curious about how Patricia Healey looked when she was young? Here is a picture of her from the 1960s. She was 32 years young then and didn’t look any less beautiful than she did in her 80s.


Young Patricia Haley and Engelbert Humperdinck Circa 1960s (Pic: Express UK)

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Patricia Healey stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and weighs under 68 kg (149 lbs).

Her distinct features include – red hair, brown eyes, and smaller lips.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

In 2021, Patricia had no social media presence.

However, you can drop your prayers over Engelbert’s Instagram “@thisisengelberthumperdinck” that had 14.8K followers, or his Facebook “OfficialEngelbertHumperdinck” with 305K followers, or at his Twitter “@ehumperdinck” with 10.1K followers.

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Patricia Healey Job, Net Worth, Career

While Engelbert entertained people as a singer, Patricia Healey built her career as an actress. She is credited to over 30 movies and TV shows. Mentioning some of them are:

TV shows: The Lost King (1958), Probation Officer (1958), Moonstrike (1963), The Odd Man (1963), The Hidden Truth (1964), Wuthering Heights (1978), R3 (1964), and more.

Movies: The White Bus (1967), O Lucky Man! (1973), and Britannia Hospital (1982).

Some of her theatre jobs: She acted in William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth (1956),  Lillian Hellman’s play, The Children’s Hour (1961), Lesley Storms play Time and Yellow Roses (1961), and  David Storey’s play The Farm (1973). 

As of 2021, Patricia Healey’s net worth was at least $90 million. Likewise, her husband Engelbert Humperdinck flaunted a net worth of $180 million.

Patricia Healey & Engelbert Humperdinck: Wedding, Children

Patricia Healey and Engelbert Humperdinck first met back in 1953 — they both were 17 then. According to Engelbert, it all began after he asked her for a dance. ( Also, he admitted that it was “love at first sight”. He continued, 

“She was my first real date. When I danced with her that night, I asked her for a date the next day,” I said, ‘I won’t marry you until I make a name for myself. I want to take care of you.’ I was a nobody and wanted to keep her comfortable.”

After almost a decade of dating, the duo held their wedding in 1964. Fast forward to over 55 years of marriage, Patricia and Engelbert share 4 children: Scott, Jason, Bradley, and Louise, who lived in Australia, Arkansas, UK, and Nashville respectively.

Also, they are proud parents. Patricia would often put a little threat on their kids — “if you keep this up, I’ll tell your father when he comes home!” But Engelbert was never strict.

Furthermore, Patricia is also a loving grandmother to 8 grandkids.

Reportedly, Engelbert has had multiple affairs and flings throughout their marriage. But fortunately, Patricia loved him enough to forgive him and decided to stay married to Engelbert.

This may also be the reason why Engelbert loved her to the moon and pleaded with the world to pray for her.

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