Jorge Valdes, once a cocaine kingpin, has turned into something different than what he was before. After the premiere of Netflix’s new show Cocaine Cowboys, he once again caught the eyes of the media.

Scroll down this Jorge Valdes Wikipedia to learn more about his life.

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Jorge Valdes Netflix, Cocaine Cowboys

Netflix premiered Cocaine Cowboys, a story of a drug operation from Miami. The show offered several figures who were the kingpin of the whole operation from 1970-1990. But, this show focuses on one particular individual, Jorge Valdes.

Cuban immigrant, Jorge was a normal kid with normal plans for his future. But, everything changed for him when he turned 17. For further stories, watch the show Cocaine Cowboys on Netflix.

Jorge Valdes Age

Jorge Valdes was born on 29 February 1956. He was born on a leap year, he is a Pisces by zodiac sign. Furthermore, he turned 65 years in 2021.

His Family: Parents, Siblings

Jorge L. Valdes was born in Santiago de las Vegas, in Cuba to his anonymous parents. A man who is extremely public about his family life, Jorge never gave away details on his father and mother. But, that doesn’t mean he was away from the family, in fact, he posted about his family occasionally.

On 10 August 2021, Jorge posted pictures of his whole family, mom and dad, his brother JC who was a year younger, and his sister who was four years younger than her. The snap was from his life before he left the cartel.

As the story goes, Jorge and his family immigrated from Cuba with no money, and very little to eat in 1966 when he was 10. His mother was the reason why they moved in the first place but her mother stayed until 1969. But, they only tasted poverty after fleeing to the states. Back in Cuba, they lived life of luxury.

In states, a luxury for the family would be when Jorge’s mom cooked black beans, rice, and picadillo, and early Saturday morning with the Coleman stove. Then, they head out on his dad’s old car to visit different cities.

Since his parents were on minimum wage, they saved all week enough for gas money. Hotel rooms were unaffordable for the family, so they slept in the car. It was around that time, he understood the value of families being together, of doing things without no-frills, but doing things together, of love.

At the age of 13 in 1969, Jorge and his family moved to New Jersey. Education was the most important thing in the life of a family, so despite the financial difficulty, the parents ensured that their kids attended school.

Jorge endeared his mother and had regrets about his mother visiting him at the prison for 10 years since he decided to put money and power over his family. Once his father passed away, he decided to completely turn around his life and live differently.

Jorge Valdes Young

All thanks to Jorge Valdes who has been sharing his life story on his socials, he also shared a snap of his family on his IG. So, it also included the young Jorge Valdes in his family photo.


Young Jorge Valdes (age 13) with his father and his two siblings (Pic: Jorge’s Instagram)

Jorge had shared this post on 7 October 2020.

His Height

Jorge Valdes stands tall at the height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters).

His Instagram, Facebook

In the recent years of his life, Jorge Valdes has dedicated his life to become an influencer and a motivational speaker. So, social media played a huge role in him reaching a larger audience. His Instagram account (@jorgevaldesphd) gathered 1,054 followers until Aug 2021. He entertained his followers with 709 posts.

Likewise, his Twitter account (@jorgevaldesphd) earned 740 followers where he wrote over 4000 tweets. Moreover, he is also on Facebook and goes by the name Jorge L. Valdes.

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Jorge Valdes Net Worth

During his peak as a drug kingpin, Jorge Valdes made over $500 million in net worth. Whereas, his current net worth was estimated to be about $25 million.

Jorge Valdes attended Hudson Catholic Regional High School in August 1970. Then, he graduated in 1972. He was extremely close to Salvador “Sal” Magluta since their parents were great friends. He pursued his degree in accounting and graduated from the University of Miami.

At 17, Jorge’s father’s friend hired him as an accountant for Federal Reserve Bank as he was honest, didn’t do drugs, and had a perfect record. He was the youngest employee in the bank’s history. In college, he had a professor with accounting business so he started dealing with his clients.

Then Jorge left his job at the bank to start working in his own accounting office. And the first client of his was a grocery store which was a front for the drug business. At the time there was no Colombian Medellin drug cartel, it was the name that Amerian gave them.

Within three months of working for the grocery store’s drug business, they handed him over the operation of the drug business. Jorge and his team were selling 500 kilograms of cocaine in 1977 when Pablo Escobar didn’t even surface. They were bringing in $100 million a month.

A 21-year-old kid who hadn’t seen cocaine in his life became charge with cocaine kingpin with a 20% cut. Within 6 months, he made nearly $2 million to $3 million a month.

Jorge worked with “Somoza” (President of Nicaragua 1974-1979), “Noriega” (Military Leader of Panama 1983-1989) & “Pablo” (Escobar, Dr. Valdes’ Columbian boss).

However, Jorge gave up power, money, reputation, almost everything and started living a normal life. In 1992, he joined Southeastern Bible College where he studied New Testament. He joined Wheaton College and studied Bible/Theology and earned his Master in Bible Theology.

Later in 2005, Jore Valdes earned his Ph.D. from Loyola University Chicago in New Testament, Early Christianity, and Ethics.

Jorge Valdes Wife

Jorge Valdes was previously married to his first wife, Sherry. However, the relationship soured when she caught cheating and snitched everything about his drug business, and even wrote a letter to the U.S. attorney mentioning everyone’s name.

After that, they divorced.


Jorge with his wife and kids in July of 2020 (Pic: Jorge’s Facebook)

Just when Jorge believed that he would never get married again, he met his second wife Sujey Valdes in 1997. Sujey loved his children as her own. She blessed him with additional two children after getting married on 19 July 1997.

On 19 July, on their anniversary, Jorge wrote a post thanking his wife for staying by his side when he struggled to put food on the table. They built a company together and are now living a happy and prosperous life. As of 2021, Sujey has been working as a blogger and curator of handmade products. Not only that, but Sujey also got her pilot’s license in September of 2013.

Now Jorge and Sujey are parents to their sons; Estevan Valdes, Alexander Valdes, Jorge L Valdes Jr., and Juan Carlos Valdes, and daughter, Krystle Welch.

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