John Emmet Tracy became a household name starring as Enzo Lambert in the TV series “iZombie.”

In 2020, John’s popularity reached new heights when he starred as Ellis Steele in the TV show “Yellowstone.”

Delve into John’s wiki and read about his married life, wife, and net worth. Furthermore, discover his parents, siblings, and height.

John Emmett Tracy Wiki — Family, Height, Education

A native of Chicago, John grew up celebrating his birthday on 2nd July. Moreover, he became 51 years old in the Summer of 2020.

Per his IMDB profile, John hailed from a family of six. Reportedly, his parents had four children. Of the four siblings, John was the second born.

Moreover, John had a sister named Kristin and a brother named David. With Kristin, John performed as a child.

Many might not know but John owned dual citizenship (Canada and the United States).

For education, John attended Rose Bruford College and collected a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater. He also trained in New York and London.

Concerning height, John Emmett Tracy stood well above 5 feet 9 inches stature.

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Net Worth, TV Shows And Movies, Social Media

John was active on both Twitter and Instagram. On the former, he had around 1.8 thousand followers. The latter, meanwhile, garnered about 1.7 thousand followers by June 2020.

Before making his mark on the silver screen, John performed several plays all over the world including Japan and the UK.

As an actor, John owned 93 credits on TV shows and movies by June 2020.

After debuting with “Shakesphere’s Merchant” in 2003, John went on to star in films like “The Hollow Child,” “If I Stay,” and “American Mary.”

Elsewhere on the small-screen front, John starred on series such as “Always a Bridesmaid,” “Olympus,” “Supernatural,” “Unspeakable,” and “Batwoman.”

What’s more, John Emmett Tracy’s net worth ran in hundreds of thousands. A notable online source placed his wealth little under $850 thousand.

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John Emmet Tracy Wife, Married, Kids

Humble and faithful, John Emmet Tracy entered the showbiz world a married man and went on to accomplish many accolades.

By his admission, John’s mystery wife was one of the few reasons why he succeeded.

When asked how he had managed to strike a perfect balance between work and family life, John credited his other half. In a 2018 interview with, he shared:

“I am very blessed to be married to the world’s most amazing woman!  For nearly twenty years, she has been not only supportive, she has been very proactive in so many aspects of my career and treats acting as the family business.  On top of this, she still manages to run her own business in the art world and be a Super Mom at the same time!”

John continued:

“I couldn’t do what I do without my family and I guess the final answer to your question is that I manage to balance career and family life, not only by working hard at both sides of life but also by getting extraordinarily lucky – both in my career and my family!”

Occasionally, John mentioned his wife on his tweets.

What’s more, John and his life partner had a daughter. Whether the married couple wanted to raise more kids, nobody knew.

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