Good news fans, the Love & Hip Hop star Juju Castaneda is married, and her husband John Adkins [ceo22wayz] looks like the man of her dreams. In 2017, after Juju split with her 10-year-long boyfriend/4-year-fiancee Cam’Ron, she went full lowkey about her dating life. But who knew? In 2021, she would come with a big revelation.

So, who is Juju Castaneda’s husband? Stay with this John Adkins [ceo22wayz] wiki to learn all about him.

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John Adkins [ceo22wayz] Age

John Adkins [ceo22wayz] was 33 years of age in 2021 as he got married to the then 40-year-old reality star, Juju Castaneda.

When it came to birthdays, John was a party freak. He celebrated his 2016 birthday (around September) at Ace of Diamonds in Los Angeles, California with Teyana Taylor, Young Thug & DJ Carisma. While for his 2020 birthday, the guy partied ((in July) with the DoubleDose Twins in Miami, Florida.

His Family, Hometown

John Adkins [ceo22wayz] might be a party animal, but when he is not, he took time out to visit his family as well. Back in March 2017, he visited his big sister and “had a good prayer” alongside her. His elder sister, Nancy Adkins is an Indiana State University graduate who also studied at the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

Aside from her, John is close to his uncle who went by the name “G-Weed”. If you’ve heard the name, yes, he is the music producer.

Unfortunately, John’s mother and grandmother have both passed away. Reportedly, his mom left this world on April 11, 2003.

As of his hometown, John is a Rockford, Illinois native. He shared that Rockford used to be filled with love, but now, it was just “goofy MFS, no money getting mfs f**king it for the real”.

Trivia: His later grandmother celebrated her birthday on February 24.

John Adkins [ceo22wayz] Height

John Adkins [ceo22wayz] stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm). He is as tall as JuJu who is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, John has tattoos over both of his arms. The tattoo signified his hometown and the street that he built himself up in, 8115

His Instagram

As of June 2021, John flaunted 36.8K and 3.5K followers over his Instagram @ceo22wayz and @ceo22wayzz respectively.

Also, he entertained 6.2K followers over Twitter, and 1.2K followers over Facebook.

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John Adkins [ceo22wayz] Job

You might have noticed John Adkins flaunting a rich lifestyle, but what does he do? Well, John was supposedly a “businessman” from Chicago, and his Linkedin profile mentioned him to be the Ceo of Ceo815 Inc.

However, the talk over the internet was different. Many accused the “businessman” to be a drug dealer. Over a thread on “”, users claimed that John dealt drugs, while a few confirmed that he also did a little bit of scamming as well. A user, SungQueen’s B*tch, wrote, 

“He’s a drug dealer but he’s too cocky and always on the scene. He does take care of those around him. Dick is good & head too.”

John Adkins [ceo22wayz] Net Worth

John Adkins [ceo22wayz] was estimated to have garnered a net worth of over $750 thousand by 2021. 

And as wealthy as he was, he liked to spend it generously. Driving a Maybach, flying back and forth on private jets, and tips to the unknowns, John was living the dream.

Juju Castaneda And John Adkins [ceo22wayz]: Wedding, How Did They Meet? 

John Adkins and Juju Castaneda held an impromptu wedding at a Las Vegas Chapple on 31st May 2021. Over the ceremony, the two were spotted wearing pretty casual attire and appeared to be drunk. Although, the wedding may have seemed to be “random”, but it was “real”.

A day after they tied the knot, Juju took it to her IG to write, “The Morning After & It’s Still All-Good! #WeGood #ByeVegas #LifeIsGucci #His #Wife” along with a ring emoji.

Since the couple never talked about each other before their marriage, the information about how long have they been dating, and how did they first meet has yet to come.

Just in case you are here as a fan of John and don’t know who Juju is, she is a Cuban reality star who worked as a realtor. Also, Juju has penned a book called Secrets Of Jewel.

John Adkins [ceo22wayz] Kids

On Father’s day 2016, John Adkins claimed that he “got too many kids”. Although the exact number wasn’t shared, we have confirmed that John has at least two kids, a son, and a daughter.

His son who went by the name Lil Ceo (birthday: March 25) was an aspiring rapper. Check his Instagram @ceo2paid to check his music.

As for his daughter, she turned 12 on April 9, 2021.

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