On 11 September 2020, Jimmy Lewin was rushed into the hospital after he suffered liver failure. A widely known fitness guru, he supported his wife Michelle Lewin to attain the success she strived for.

And all through the thought time in Jimmy’s life, his wife stood by his side. Today she is one of the top names in the world of fitness, and a huge credit goes to her husband.

So, this wiki-article helps readers to get to know Jimmy better and his condition after the ordeal he went through regarding his health.

Is Jimmy Lewin Dead?

On 11 September 2020, Michelle Lewin took it to her Instagram requested her well-wishers for the prayers for her husband’s well-being. As she noted, soon after a medical emergency, Jimmy was rushed into the hospital.

As it turned out, Jimmy was diagnosed with acute liver failure and was in critical condition. Furthermore, she updated her followers with another post on 13 September 2020 which showed Jimmy in a hospital bed.

She captioned everything in Spanish and the translation revealed that Jimmy endured Acute Liver Failure, Acute Renal Failure, and Heart Failure with Ascending Aortic Artery Aneurysm, and Aortic Dissection.

She further unfolded that Jimmy’s consciousness floated in and out at 80% where he tends to be confused. While posting that, medical professionals bind his hands for his own safety, and was having a liquid diet while his liver enzymes were monitored closely.

She ended the post with Sunday morning details that his AST was down from 2792 to 1738 and ALT from 4300 to 3550.

Plus, his kidney creatinine was at 6.3 and leveling down, and his potassium level was at 5.2.

Though Jimmy’s condition seemed to have improved he underwent dialysis to assure better liver working conditions.

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Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Jimmy Lewin was born on 11 February 1976. He turned 44 years old while celebrating his birthday in February of 2020.

The one-half of the Instagram fitness couple owned Aquarius as his zodiac sign.

Jimmy Lewin Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Sweden

Jimmy Lewin was born to his unidentified parents in Malmo, Sweden. While his mother starred on a few of his Instagram post, his father remains anonymous as of the time of this writing.

More on his family: Jimmy has one sibling, his brother Jonas Lewin.

By trade, Jonas Lewin is a Helsingborg, Sweden based photographer. Other than that, no further details on Jimmy’s family appeared for public knowledge.

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Jimmy Lewin Height, Weight, Hair

A brief observation of Jimmy’s physical details and one could draw a conclusion that he is the true manifestation of the word ‘burly.’ With a towering height of 6 feet 3 inches (1.90 meters), Jimmy Lewin looked more formidable.

Along with an impressive build, Jimmy often worked out to maintain his bodyweight that measured 98 kilograms (216 lbs) last time he checked. Plus, he got multiple tattoos all over his body and the one surrounding his upper chest and arms are perfectly visible.     

Before February of 2017, Jimmy Lewin had medium-sized spiky hair. However, he later decided to shave all off it and his fans showed much support for his new looks.

Workout, Diet

Getting into his workout plan, Jimmy Lewin prioritizes a warm-up or a cool-down before the real workout begins. In warm-up workout, he advises a series of steps. 

First on the series is doing lunges with arms and shoulder-width apart. After that comes bent over rows. And then comes to the side lunges and finally shoulder and neck warm-up.

Moving on to his back workout series, the first set is wide-grip pulldown. And after thirty seconds to one-minute break, start close-grip pulldown.

Following that set comes close-grip seated cable row and finally, dumbbells row for the posterior chain. He recommended 3 sets each with eight to ten repetitions of each exercise.

Jimmy has posted all types of work-out routines from forearms to abs to shoulder, legs, and biceps on his Instagram.

Talking about his diet plans, he recommends what is generally known among the people, especially bodybuilders. He consumes a protein-rich diet such as chicken, turkey, whey protein, lentils, and tofu among other stuff. 

Jimmy reminds his students to include leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes, oats, and potatoes.

For fats, his choices are chia seeds, avocado, coconut oil, dark chocolate, and many more.

But every once in a while, he enjoyed a cheat meal but got right back into his plans as a dedicated planner.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Jimmy has built quite a reputation in the world of fitness and workout. And his reach and influences are mirrored by his social media platforms. 

As of Sept 2020, his Instagram account garnered a total of 751k followers giving him an internet celebrity status. Likewise, he is also on Facebook where he has 16,076 followers at the time of this writing. However, he left no traces of ever being on Twitter.

Jimmy Lewin Net Worth — $3.5 Million

While he saw fame and recognition, Jimmy Lewin also accumulated impressive net worth. His total net worth reached a little over $3.5 million as of 2020

Jimmy, the man that we know today is the making of the places he traveled and the people he met. After he left Sweden in 1997, everything changed for him.

Owing to his outgoing personality, his desire to see places and immerse himself into new cultures took him all over the continents. He traveled and lived in Greece, Turkey, Italy, India, Cyprus, Spain, and Venezuela. 

A self-proclaimed ‘party animal’ it surely proved harder to change his ways of drinking and having fun. But, he never lost his sense of purpose and discipline.

Slowly, Jimmy decided to change his lifestyle and focused on living healthy and fit.

And as he said, with extra motivation from his wife, he saw unforeseeable changes which he craved.

For most of his career as a fitness guru, Jimmy stood behind the camera lenses. While remaining in a disciplined training, he also helped his wife through her training.

As of 2020, Jimmy worked as a trainer, manager, and an agent for Michelle Lewin. Along with Michelle’s career, he also found his career thriving rapidly than he expected.

With a wider reach and influence, he and his wife came together to launch one0one. He also created Fitplan focused on helping the fitness enthusiasts to get access to the fitness routine and diet plans. 

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Jimmy Lewin Wife, Kids

Jimmy Lewin met his wife Michelle Lewin on his travel across the world. In 2008, the couple crossed each other’s path during Jimmy’s travel in Venezuela, the country she belonged to. 

And the man who walked out of his country with no plans to return back found the love of his life and finally settled down. Together, they helped each other grow personally and career-wise.   

The fitness-pair married each other in 2010.

Before moving to Miami, Florida, Jimmy and Michelle lived briefly in Europe. However, both found success in the career after coming to the states.

But, even after being together for over a decade, the couple hasn’t planned anything about having kids. And even if they did, we might have to wait for the good news. 

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