In the age of the internet where we trust the technologies with our belongings more than ourselves and people we’re with, a large group of scammers and hackers are on the prowl to spot the possible victims.

A handful of cybercrimes has been registered with a huge sum of monetary embezzlement. And with the increasing amount of time we spend in cyberspace, more opportunities for scammers and hackers to get to us and our system.

But there are certain anonymous vigilante groups and individuals who are working to make the less-knowledgeable aware of these scams. Whereas, others are exposing the acts while in actions.

Jim Browning, an alias for an internet vigilante has helped expose scams from Indian call centers. This wiki-styled article helps you to know details on the vigilante so delve into it.

Who Is Jim Browning? Wiki, Face Reveal, Contact

Jim Browning is a viral internet vigilante sensation best known for exposing Indian scammer for their fraudulent activities.

He prefers concealing his specifications like most superheroes that we know to avoid personal vendetta. But, instead of using a mask and a cape, he hides his identity behind a computer-generated digital voice.

Though he has done really great job playing hide and seek, we can tell by his voice that he of British heritage. As per the unverified Facebook account, his location is pointed at Belfast, Northern Ireland.

For the people who he had helped from falling victim to a tech support scam, the face reveals of the internet hero would probably be the utmost of all the desires.

But for his own personal safety, he probably won’t be doing that any time soon.

However, he has let open several ways to get in contact with him. Most effective probably would be his Twitter account that he operates.

Other than that, his YouTube channel and his Patreon account are also functioning ways to get to him personally.

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How Old Is Jim Browning? Bio, Real Name, Nationality

Jim Browning, considering his accent is probably of British-Irish descent. If the location he shared on the Facebook account is legit then he proudly hails Irish nationality.

Besides his alias and voice of a man between the age group of the mid-’30s and late ’40s, the vigilante hasn’t revealed his real name to the world.

He is one of the prime examples of “good deeds need no face.” For the activities he has continued for over the past 5 years, he is certainly not after recognition and fame but to help people be aware of fraudulent activity.

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Job, Net Worth, Patreon & YouTube Empire

Going by the expertise he demonstrated while infiltrating through the security system to create 4 part ‘Spying on the Scammers’ series, he is certainly an expert on the field of his work.

Though he hasn’t declared it aloud, he must’ve earned a degree in computer science and cybersecurity. He also has to be an expert freelance hacker for the way he took control of the security cameras.

As for his job, he must’ve held a reputed position in the IT section of whatever company he had worked for.

Jim started making these “baiting a scammer” videos back in 2014.

His first video Fraud by was the introductory video to the YouTube universe on what nature of the content he was going to push through his channel.

Jim explores and gives examples of 419 Scam, Cassandra Truth, Cluster F-Bomb, Hoist by His Own Petard, Hopeless with Tech, This is Unforgiveable, and many more.

Most of the scammers he baited tried to dupe him posing problems in his computer which wasn’t there to start with. And they attempted to make him purchase unnecessary services and software to wipe away those problems.

His self-titled YouTube channel has over 801K subscribers and over 55 million+ views as of March 2020.

In May of 2019, Jim laid out his latest bait with an elaborate plan which made headlines on BBC in 2020. Jim had been spying on the New Delhi-based scammers for months. Jim downloaded over 70,000 phone calls to understand their mechanisms. And it all was for his latest bust. He saved the CC-TV footage of live conversation.


Amit Chauhan and his accomplice on arrested after being raided (Pic:

First, he informed BBC about the scam along with the footage and 70,000 calls as evidence, which then was informed to the Gurgaon Police, from India.

Amit Chauhan, who was the lead player of the company and the owner was accumulating a burgeoning net worth out of the scam. In March 2019, he made over $250K. And over $470K in April 2019.

Amit Chauhan along with all the other scammers was arrested by Gurgaon police within the hours of the posting of the videos.

As per the stats, the UK receives over 21 million scam calls.

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