Jessica Albert is a new cast of BravoTV’s Below Deck season 9. With two returning casts, she is joined by the other new casts in the show. Learn more about her job, her age, and her career in this Jessica Albert Wiki.

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Jessica Albert On Below Deck

Season 9 of BravoTV’s Emmy nominated show Below Deck is returning. The new captain and his crews are setting sails on the Caribbean. The returning casts in the shows are Eddie Lucas a first officer, and chef Rachel Hargrove. Both have a rough history with each other fans are eager to see they were willing to set aside for serving their clients better.

The show also has new casts. Heather Chase is the new chief stewardess, two stews Fraser Olender and Jessica of course, and deckhands Jake Foulger, Rayna Lindsay, and Wes O’Dell. Plus, after an unexpected delay leaves Captain Lee stuck on land, new Captain Sean Meagher takes over with a “hands-on” management approach.

One of her fellow castmates, Heather Chase is related to Below Deck alum Alex Radcliffe. Alex went on his Instagram to congratulate Heather for her new career as a chief stew of season 9. He also shared that, “I can honestly say she’s one of the most genuine/ kind-hearted [humans] I know.”

Jessica Albert Age

Jessica Albert appears to be in her early 30s. However, her date of birth along with other details remain obscure as of this writing.

Her Family, Where Is She From?

Jessica Albert is the cast probably with almost no information on any aspects of her life, personal and professional. She has tons of information to share about when it comes to her family, most importantly her parents and her siblings.

But, BravoTV didn’t even provide the basic information on her as they do on most of their casts related to their reality show. Hence, her parents and possible siblings, all remain away from the public radar as well as her.

Jessica Albert Height

According to the snap of Jessica Albert which was shared by E! News, she is a beautiful woman with brown hair, a slim body as if she loves working out, and pierced ears. She stood tall to the height, not more than 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters).

Her Instagram, Facebook

One of the most surprising facts about Jessica Albert being a BravoTV’s reality star is, she doesn’t have many public profiles. Like, most of the casts of Below Deck are at least on Instagram, and she is too. Her account (@jay_blythe) which is private gathered 320 followers. Besides that, we couldn’t discover her Facebook and Twitter which made it harder for us to dig information related to her personal and professional life.

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Jessica Albert Net Worth

Jessica Albert’s net worth should be under $200 thousand. The only thing that we know of her is she will be featured on the show as a stew. According to the payroll of casts from previous seasons, an average stew made nearly $5,000 a month, according to Refinery29.

But, it also depends on the size of the yacht the cast will be working on. Plus, she and her fellow cast members pocket an average $15,000 per person tip for about six weeks of work.

Any job which Jessica Albert had done prior to joining Below Deck is a complete mystery. Plus, she doesn’t seem to have a LinkedIn profile that could offer her academic background and job history.

But, the fact that she made a choice to work on a big yacht and travel all over suggested that she is of adventurous nature, she certainly loves traveling, and we are yet to see whether she is the type to bring the drama on the floor or not.

So stay tuned for the show to arrive and check us out for further updates.

Jessica Albert Boyfriend

Like her professional life and information on her family members, Jessica Albert is also private about her romantic life. No doubt she must’ve dated once in her life, but there existed no details on her boyfriends.

Jessica Albert, however, could indulge in romantic entanglements with her fellow casts like other Below Deck alums. Living for months together, one cannot help but succumb to the physical attractions. Decider even noted that we might get to witness a boatmance with her fellow cast Wes O’Dell. However, Wes noted that he was single on his Facebook that he was single.

Wesley ‘Wes’ O’Dell hailed from his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida who was living in Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands. He worked as a Frist Mate at Nightwind II Charters. He also worked as captain at New Horizons & Breakaway Charters, at Classic Cruises of Newport – Home to Schooner Madeleine & Rum Runner II. 

Wes is also the owner of Nightwind II Charters.

So, the type of drama we might witness which involved romance always spiced things up for in reality shows. So, we have to catch up to the shows for more updates.

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