Following the Australian format of Married at First Sight, its UK version was all set to air on E4 in August 2021. This season, things were a little different with 16 contestants, the first-ever same-sex relationship, and three relationship experts including our star for the article Charlene Douglas.

So, who is she? Stay with this Charlene Douglas Wiki to find out.

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Sex & Relationship Expert On MAFS (Married At First Sight) UK

A sex and relationship therapist, Charlene Douglas was one of the relationship experts cast on MAFS (Married At First Sight), UK. Joining her in the role were — Paul C Brunson, the Celebs Go Dating star, and Mel Schilling, the psychologist and dating expert from the Australian version of the show.

As for the casts, it included a variety of lineup; from a gay married couple to a firefighter, a vet, and a rugby player. The youngest contestant featured was 25 years old while the oldest was 47.

Also, the inclusion of a gay couple meant that there were nine male contestants and seven females.

Unlike the previous installments, this season, the participants would still be matched up by experts but would not be getting legally married. Instead, they would be having a lifetime commitment ceremony led by a wedding celebrant.

Charlene filmed her last episode of the show on 16th August 2021 and took it to her IG to share her experience. She wrote, “We’ve had a phenomenal time on and off-camera. So many good times, jokes, and plenty of laughter!”

Reportedly, the show will have 21 episodes each 90 minutes long and will premiere on 30th August at 9 pm.

MAFS official synopsis wrote, 

“Before these strangers walk down the aisle, they get to celebrate their final night of freedom together at the ultimate stag and hen parties – where a surprise is in store.”

Charlene Douglas Age

Charlene Douglas was one of the MAFS UK participants who fell on the older side of the scale. She was born on February 18, 1981, making her 40 years of age in 2021.

As per her birthday, Charlene is of the Aquarius zodiac. And Aquarius she was! She started her turning-40  “lockdown party” all by herself, sipping wine and dancing.

Charlene Douglas Gender: Was She Born A Man?

No, Charlene Douglas wasn’t born a man. She is biologically female, and a proud one at that. Just in case you’re confused, there certainly was a same-gender relationship in the 2021 MAFS UK, but it wasn’t Charlene’s. She was a male admirer through and through.

Her Family: Parents, Siblings

Charlene Douglas comes from a family of at least four. Born and raised alongside her 18-months-older sister Deborah Emma Douglas, she recalled that they were always together in every situation. From making their own money for the first time to going through the rebellious teenage years, they have been “through every situation”.

Her sister, Deborah is a “Comms and PR Consultant, a Property Investor, and Change Management Practitioner”. Besides her, information about Charlene’s other siblings wasn’t revealed.

As for Charlene’s parents, her mother is named Leila Douglas, and her father remained anonymous. Though not much was known about them, we can confirm that Leila loved flowers and plants, and Charlene’s dad celebrates his birthday on the 7th of March.

Trivia: Charlene’s maternal grandmother has long passed away.

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Charlene Douglas Height

Charlene Douglas stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Charlene has red dreadlock hair, triangular face, and loved wearing big earrings.

Her Instagram, Facebook

By August 2021, Charlene Douglas garnered 854 followers over Instagram @charlenedouglasofficial, 269 followers over Twitter @intimacy_coach1, and 212K followers over her Facebook page “The Intimacy Coach”. 

Find her private FB account @charlene.douglas.925.

Also, she once was present on TikTok @intimacycoachuk.

Charlene Douglas Net Worth

Charlene Douglas’s net worth was under $300 thousand as of 2021. 

At the time, Charlene was working as a psychodynamic counselor and TV’s E4 Sex Clinic Counsellor. Her services included Psychodynamic and Psychosexual therapy, charging £100 for individuals and £120 for couples per session.

For reference, an average marriage therapist in the UK charged around £28 per hour.

Also, Charlene offered a “sex resource” — “saucy sex quiz cards” for £15.99.

Want to learn more about why she became a sex therapist? Or read relationship advice? Then, do follow her vlog at “”

Before becoming a sex counselor, Charlene worked as a project manager at Islington Council, Seetec, Bespoke Sountion4u, and many more.

In light of her education, Charlene Douglas attended the University of Manchester for her BA. Then she joined Highgate Counselling Centre (2014- 2018) for her diploma in Psychodynamic Counseling and enrolled herself at the Center of Psychosexual Health for her diploma in Psychosexual Studies in 2018.

Charlene Douglas Husband

It only makes sense that Charlene Douglas appeared on MAFS (Married At First Sight) UK in 2021 because she wasn’t married. So, it’s clear she didn’t have a husband. But what about her past boyfriends? Well, she wasn’t much of a sharer as well.

However, Charlene did once talk about her ex-boyfriend (who “did her wrong”) over July 2021 IG post. She wrote, “Classic line from ex-boyfriends who did me wrong – ‘but what did your sister say about it?’..more concerned about her reaction than mine!”

Circa 2021, we don’t know whom Charlene might have dated, but we do know about her love for her cute little dog (Yorkshire terrier x Jack Russell) named Kiki.

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