Jeff Detrow has been working as a radio-show host for 50 years. Not only that, but he also collaborated with Jerry Cesak for 30 years as they ran the show Jeff & Jer together. However, Jeff disappeared from the K-LOVE radio station all of a sudden without leaving any clue.

Before he left K-LOVE, Jeff hosted a show with Randi Tyler named Jeff & Randi. Scroll down this wiki to know more about what happened with Jeff Detrow and details on his wife & net worth.

How Old Is Jeff Detrow?

Jeff Detrow is birthday buddies with actress Julie Andrews as they were both born on 1 October. Both secured Libra as their zodiac sign inheriting characters such as fair, social, clever, and non-confrontational.

However, Julie turned 84 years old in 2019 while Jeff turned 64 years old as he was born in 1955.

Who Are His Parents?

Jeffrey Lee Detrow was born to parents: father Donald Lee Detrow and mother Shirley Detrow in his hometown of Wooster, Ohio. Originally from Litchfield, Don moved to Wooster as a high school freshman. Don worked for the City of Wooster for 38-years as he rose from the surveyor to Director of Administration.

However, almost no information has been shared on his mother.

More on Jeffrey’s parents: Don and Shirley were high school sweethearts. The couple also went on a prom together in high school. His parents married on 25 January 1952. The couple stayed married for 63 years.

Jeffrey grew up with his two brothers: Jon Detrow and Don Detrow. While Jon remains out of public attention, Don attended Henry Ford Community college and lives in Kettering, Ohio.

Sadly, all three siblings lost their beloved father on 26 November 2015. He suffered complications caused due to heart surgery.

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How Tall Is Jeff Detrow?

Talking about Jeff’s physical appearance, he is a bulky guy with a measured and listed bodyweight of 94 kilograms (207 lbs). Plus, he had blonde hair but he shaved it off and decided to go bald. But, he still kept the short beard.

Plus, he always had a cheerful face and a charming personality that he inherited from his father. He has a pair of deep-set small eyes and a smile that can light up the room. Jeff Detrow stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters).

Is He On Instagram & Facebook?

It probably would come as a surprise to know that, Jeff — who spent more than half of his life as an air personality — had no active social media involvement. He is on Facebook but he only posted on the platform once in July of 2020.

Besides that, a highly likely possibility remains that he is not on other social networking sites including Twitter as well as Instagram.

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What Is Jeff Detrow Net Worth?

Jeff Detrow initiated his career as a radio personality at the age of 14. He went on air in WWST on his 14th birthday in his hometown of Wooster. Jeff was 17 years old when he did the morning show in Columbus, Ohio.

Following that, he transferred to Oral Roberts University in Tulsa and hosted a morning show on FM96 during his college.

Jeff went on to meet his co-host and partner Jerry Cesak and they started running shows together in Detroit. Together, they hosted programs in Chicago for three years.

They also worked together hosting a radio program in San Diego for 30 years. However, Jerry retired as a host and the show Jeff & Jer Showgram turned into Jeff and the Showgram.

Jeff also hosted a program at KLOVE for 2 years as of the time of this writing while joining in 2018. He hosted Jeff & Randi with Randi Tyler.

Being a devoted Christian who gave himself to Jesus at the age of 19, he also hosted a show on the Christian radio.

But in September of 2020, Jeff left the K-LOVE and the radio station took off anything that’s related to Jeff. The show originally called Jeff & Randi changed to just Randi on the show’s website.

Since Jeff left without giving out any closure to why he left the station, his concerned fans asked for the reason on the station’s website. However, K-LOVE tweeted in response to the fans clarifying that they can’t divulge further information to protect Jeff’s privacy.

With Jeff’s 50 years of career hosting a radio show, he did make a handsome salary for his experience. All of Jeff Detrow’s income contributed to his burgeoning net worth of $1.7 million.

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Who Is Jeff Detrow Wife?

Before Jeff Detow met his now-wife Kristen Detrow, he was married to another woman. But, as the marriage of the couple deteriorated, they decided to part ways.

After that, Jeff married Kristen after dating for a while, but they never revealed details on their marriage. As of 2020, Jeff and Kristen have three daughters and a son.

As a blended family, Jeff had five children when Kristen first met him. However, two of the eldest left their father to start living their own as they had their own family.

Now, the only ones that remain with Jeff and his wife are Mark who attended Ohio State University, Laura who went to Torrey Pines High School, Liz who attended Carmel Valley Middle School, and Mia, their youngest daughter who they adopted from Ethiopia in 2010 circa.

As for Kristen, she transitioned from a former radio-show host to stay-at-home mom.

Where Is Jeff Detrow Now After Leaving K-Love?

Jeff Detrow’s whereabouts after leaving the radio station are still a mystery. Since he is scarcely involved in social media, he hasn’t updated his fans about his current situation and plans.

And as already mentioned, K-LOVE also avoided divulging information regarding Jeff. The reason they gave for that is they respected and tried protecting his privacy. And this further suggested that K-Love does actually know about where Jeff is after leaving K-Love.

But until Jeff is ready to come on the light with answers, fans have to maintain patience until that time.

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