A Spanish actor, Javier Rey soared to fame as the star on the Netflix series “Hache”. Similarly, he gained popularity because he roles on “Cocaine Coast” and “Velvet”.

This Javier Rey wiki attempts to explore the Spanish hunk’s wife, girlfriend, and son. What’s more, it also highlights his net worth, parents, and siblings.

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Javier Rey Age

On 25th February 2020, Javier Rey turned 40 years old.

Javier Rey Parents, Siblings

Javier Rey was born to his parents: Javier (father) and Divina (mother). Other than their names, a quick online search didn’t reveal anything about them.

Per his IMDB profile, Javier has a brother named Ramón. Moreover, the Rey siblings grew up in Galicia, Spain. Javier later began living in Madrid, Spain.

How Tall Is He?

Javier Rey stands at an average height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm). Despite not measuring tall, Javier still commands attention because of his chiseled features and tense eyes.

Social Media Reach

By Feb 2021, some 38 thousand people followed his Facebook page. Meanwhile, around 37 thousand liked the same page. (

Popular on Twitter, Javier enjoyed 38.2 thousand followers. Also, he joined the platform a decade back— Sep 2011, to be more precise.

However, it was on Instagram that Javier truly flourished. Sharing his interest (art) and promoting his latest projects, he amassed over 500 thousand followers on the platform.

Javier Rey Net Worth

Immensely successful at his craft, Javier Rey owns a $3 million net worth.

In 2005, Javier made his acting debut starring in the TV series “Al filo de la ley”. Consequently, he lent his talents on the TV Shows like “Amar es para siempre,” “Valderrei,” “Marsiol,” “La chica de ayer,” “Hispania, la leyenda,” “Bandolera,” “Isabel,” “Lo que escondían sus ojos,” “El final del camino,” and “Liar”.

Javier also starred in numerous movies including “Unknown Origins,” “Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City,” “Sin fin,” “Kiki, Love to Love,” “Operación Malaya,” and “8 Dates”.

Talking awards, Javier won the prestigious Best Lead Actor in a Series honor at the 2019 Feroz Awards. Likewise, he was the Best Actor category winner at the 2019 Malaga Spanish Film Festival.

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Javier Rey Wife, Iris Díaz, Son

Spanish actress, Iris Díaz was once Javier Rey’s wife.

Before tying the knot, Iris and Javier enjoyed the dating bliss for about 5 years. They welcomed their only son, Lucas in April 2018.

After a decade as a married couple, Javier and his wife, Iris called it quits. Neither revealed the reason behind their divorce.

Did you know?— Javier and Iris starred in the 2013 series “Amar es para siempre”. While he played the character titled Sancho, his wife portrayed the role of Violette.

Born in 1980. Iris is a native of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. “El comisario,” “Hospital Central,” “Aula de castigo,” and “El Principe” are some of her known acting credits.

Besides their son, Lucas, Javier loves his dog, Vito.

Javier Rey Girlfriend, Dating, Blanca Suárez

As of February 2021, Javier Rey was still dating his girlfriend, Blanca Suárez.

8 years his junior, Blanca turned 32 years old in Oct 2020. A native of Madrid, Spain, she soared to fame with her performances on multiple TV shows such as “The Boarding School,” “Cable Girls,” and “The Boat”. In 2021, she starred as Isabel Garrido in the TV series “Jaguar”.

Javier and his girlfriend, Blanca starred opposite one another in the 2020 film “El verano que vivimos”. The couple also collaborated in the 2016 mini-series titled “Lo que escondían sus ojos”. The series documents the romance between Marquise de Llanzol and Ramón Serrano Súñer.

Before she began dating Javier, Blanca was in a relationship with the actor, Mario Casas. For the two years, Blanca and her ex, Mario drew media attention because of their strong romance. Thus, when the news of her dating Javier broke, everyone was taken aback.

When 2021 came around, Javier took to social media and shared photos of his girlfriend, Blanca. The gesture made everyone believe the lovebirds were still going strong.

For her part, Blanca documented their travels to the mountains on her Instagram. Posting promotional materials of their latest project, she even shared behind-the-scenes content.

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