John Dyson, a tech magnate, was found dead at the age of 75 in Barcelona prison. He was arrested for the tax evasion charges and was in prison for 8 months. Since the death, people turned their heads toward his wife Janice Dyson who has been with him for almost 9 years at the time of his death.

John McAfee’s wife has shared very little about her life as of this writing. Delve into this Janice Dyson McAfee wiki to learn more about her.

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Janice Dyson Age

Janice Dyson turned 38 years old while in December of 2020. Furthermore, she celebrated his birthday on 9 December every year. Per that detail, Janice Dyson owned  Sagittarius as his zodiac sign.

Janice Dyson Family

Janice Dyson was born to her anonymous parents in the United States. There exists no further information on her parents and her siblings as of this writing. According to her Facebook, she hailed from San Francisco, California.

As for her husband, John McAfee was born to his American father Don Harold McAfee, and his British mother Joan Ellen Williams in Cinderford, Gloucestershire in the UK. More about John’s parents, his father, Don was an American soldier of the 596th Ordnance Ammunition Company who was stationed at the US Army Base in Gloucestershire.

Don lived through two world wars. After his parents moved to Roanoke, Virginia, he started working as a surveyor. However, his alcoholic and abusive nature affected John immensely. Sadly, when John was 15, his father committed suicide with a gun. This affected his life in many ways.

As for Janice, she hailed from an African-American family.

Her Height

Janice Dyson stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). Whereas, she reportedly weighed about 64 kilograms (141 lbs) in 2021. Moreover, her dreadlocks are her distinct features among all the others.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Janice Dyson can be discovered on all three highly popular platforms: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her Instagram account @jelizabethmcafee garnered a total of 1348 followers as of June 2021. On the platform, she only posted 14 times in total.

Likewise, Janice is also on Twitter with 41.2k followers. She made over 22k tweets. Furthermore, she is also on Facebook with 995 followers. She hasn’t updated her profile since February of 2018.

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Janice Dyson Net Worth

If Janice Dyson inherits all of what John had, she would still worth not less than $3 million.

Janice Dyson’s total net worth depends on what her husband left behind before he passed away. He reportedly owned nine houses in total. All of the houses were filled with expensive art, furniture, and oddities such as dinosaur skulls.

John had also bought a fleet of planes and vintage cars in his collection. The yoga retreat which he built in Colorado could host up to 200 guests at a time. He had also set up a yoga retreat named aero-trekking.

Though John had to liquidate his assets during an economic recession, he didn’t lose everything that he was worth. He reportedly sold his $25 million Colorado estate for $5.7 million. John also a mansion in Hawaii, a ranch in New Mexico, and a Cessna private jet.

Janice Dyson Job

Before Janice Dyson met John McAfee, she was working as a prostitute in Maimi Beach. After meeting John, she started working for him in his tech company. But, according to her Facebook, she has been working at Future Tense Central.

Future Tense Central is a security and privacy company that offered innovative mobile and web applications with the highest degree of security. According to her interview with Black Enterprises, it was she who gave John the idea about starting a company.

As for her education, Janice Dyson went to James Logan High School. No further details on Janice’s job are known as of this writing.

Besides her job, Janice has been vocal about social justice, domestic violence, and income inequality. She uses her platform to support good causes and condemn the injustice people have to face in a society dominated by the wealthy.

As for her husband, John doesn’t need much introduction as he was a tech entrepreneur best known for introducing McAfee antivirus. He ran several other companies in between.

John McAfee And Janice Dyson: Wedding, Daughter

Janice Dyson and John McAfee met each other in Miami when he was deported from Guatemala. In Janice’s words, “He looked as defeated as I felt. I think we recognized in each other the same feelings of loneliness and emptiness.”

When deported, Guatemala illegally seized all of his property and bank accounts. He left with nothing but the clothes that he had on his back.

Furthermore, John invited Jancie to have coffee with him. She was mesmerized by the life he had lived. She perceived him as polite and gracious as he listened intently while she talked. One thing led to another and they went on a road trip across the country with him. Even with 37 years of age difference between the two, they clicked.


Janice Dyson and her husband John McAfee together in 2017 (Pic: Janice’s FB)

Janice and John married in 2013 after meeting in 2012. He had hired her as a prostitute, saved her from trafficking, and allowed her to reconnect with her son.

While an interview with The Sun, Janice had shared about passing on information about John to a “criminal underworld” during the first year of their marriage.

Comin to details on her children, Janice had three. In the meantime, John shared that he had 47 kids between the age of 16 and 47. In addition, he also shared about having 61 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren that he hadn’t met.

John McAfee was previously married to Judy McAfee. The couple divorced in 2002.

As for John McAfee, he was arrested from Barcelona on criminal tax evasion charges. He had failed to file tax returns from 2014-2018. He was found dead in his Barcelona prison cell.

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