Country musician Brooke Eden Helvie, known professionally as Brooke Eden, got engaged to her girlfriend of five years, Hilary Hoover in 2021. And now that Brooke was assured that Hilary has her “Hil” for forever, here’s everything you have been wanting to know about the singer and songwriter’s fiancée over this Hilary Hoover Wikipedia!

Hilary Hoover Age, Birthday

Born with the personality trait of a supposed social, compassionate, and empathetic Libra, Hilary Hoover reached the age of 31 in 2020. She was born in 1989 and grew up celebrating her birthday every year on the 27th of September.

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Hilary Hoover Family, Hometown

Hilary Hoover hails from her hometown of Carmel, the city in Indiana. Currently (2021) a Nashville, Tennessee inhabitant, she was born to her parents Sally and Tom Hoover.

She has three siblings, a sister named Abby Hoover Cortez and two brothers, Grant and Griffin Hoover. Sister Abby is a speech-language pathologist at IU Health North Hospital and Riley Children’s Health. She seemed happily married with three kids (a son and two daughters).

Grant, meanwhile, worked at Deloitte (a financial consultant) and Griffin worked at Elano (a global animal health company).

All of the four siblings went to Purdue University.

Her Height: How Tall Is She?

As fashionable and stunning as her up-and-coming diva fiancée, Hilary Hoover stands to a below 5’9” height. She is a couple of inches taller than Brooke who released three buzzy new singles in 2021. The music videos of it also featured Hilary.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Clearly, Hilary Hoover is a social media person. She could be spotted sharing memorable tidbits from her life on Instagram, Facebook, as well as Twitter. However, before May 2021, she was yet to be noticed by more people.

Hilary Hoover Job, Net Worth

Hilary Hoover reportedly pulled in an estimated $500K or less net worth (before May 2021).

She is a radio promoter currently (2021) working as the director of promotion for the American singer and songwriter Garth Brooks. Hilary is also a part of American singer, actress, author, and television personality Trisha Yearwood’s organization.

Hilary seemed to have formed a special and more than professional bonding with Garth Brooks whom she refers to as her “bossman”, her “Nashville dad”, mentor, and friend. Now and then, she writes about him on social media.

Previously, the Purdue University alum also worked at her now partner Brooke Eden’s record level. In fact, the two met around the same time.

While details about Hilary’s salary were not yet out, it was calculated by the Glassdoor that average annual pay for a ‘Radio Promotions Director Job’ in Nashville is $53765 a year.

Hilary Hoover And Brooke Eden: Engaged, Wedding

So, on May 25, 2021, Hilary Hoover finally got to shout out “@brookeedenmusic is my future wifey, y’all! 💕💍” on Instagram.

At Sedona, Arizona which is one of their favorite vacation spots, Hilary made her part of the proposal. Swimsuits on, they were on the pool when Hilary gave Brooke the last greeting card for the that said,

“I’ve been giving you cards all day long because I knew I wouldn’t have the words to say, so I guess this would be the time to ask, will you be my wife?”

Following this, Hilary holding the complimentary stacking rings (they purchased late last year) she improvised her original plan. She could not go down on one knee, but she sure said it all:

“Listen, I had all these other plans today. I had another place where we were actually wearing clothes and not bathing suits to propose. But we love the water, so you know, I see no problem with asking you to be my wife in a pool right now.”

Brooke later told PEOPLE that “It was perfect”.

Meanwhile, by total coincidence, Brooke also already had planned her surprise proposal for the following weekend back in Nashville. And, PEOPLE was part of the surprise.


Each popped the question in separate marriage proposals nine days apart! (PIC: PEOPLE)

On 22 May 2021, Brooke had hair and makeup done with their best outfits on. Brooke had told Hilary that it would be a PEOPLE interview, to talk about her Sedona proposal.

This way, Brooke too brought to life her own scheme of proposal among their close friends and Hilary’s family members at the rooftop terrace of Virgin Hotel on Music Row. (Even the couple’s Maltese-Yorkie-poodle mix, Dolly, was there.)

Having pulled off dual surprises, they confirmed to PEOPLE that they were thinking about planning a wedding for some time next year. About getting married Hilary said,

“Of course we’re excited to get married, but we’ve been committed to each other for five years. So I don’t feel like the wedding will be this huge step for us as much as it will feel like we’re so excited to spend time with all of our loved ones together.”

While Brooke too meant it would not matter at all if in case their wedding would not be able to top those two over-the-top proposals.

Hilary and Brooke started dating in Dec. 2015 and were looking forward to a formal engagement since Brooke’s public coming-out.

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