Heather Mascoe got fame as the partner of the ex-politician and reality show star, Thomas Ravenel. Thomas, mostly in a wrangle, for his personal as well as professional life, got Heather to a rise in popularity.

To know about Heather, as an individual, about her early family life, ex-partners, her job, and more, subscribe to the article.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Heather Mascoe reached the age of 40 on her 2020 birthday. Many people wonder when is her birthday. It’s on 6th August 1980 as per the site “”. Thereafter, her 6th August birthday makes her Leo by zodiac.

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Heather Mascoe Wiki — Family, Early Life, Hometown

Heather Mascoe never revealed much about her early family life. Also, her exact hometown has been a matter of concern to many of her followers but remained unwrapped.

However, Heather is a Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina resident who lived in different parts of South Carolina throughout. She previously resided in Johns Island, North Charleston, and Charleston too.

Despite not revealing much about her early family, some people associated with her were mentioned in the “”. To name the few, Sylvia Mascoe, Andrea Masco, Mitchell Mascoe, William Mascoe, are most probably the relatives of Heather. Also, she has a niece named Alyssa Mascoe.

Heather Mascoe Height, Weight, Measurements

Heather Mascoe stands an average height for an American woman. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 52 kgs.

Besides her height and weight, it’s the lady’s body measurements that work as a charmer for many. Her measurements of 34-25-32 inches perfect for her overall personality.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Heather doesn’t seem to have much time for social media. With her controversial personal life and hectic professional life, Heather must be avoiding her presence on social media

Neither on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, does the lady have a public account. Many suppose that Heather might have a publicly concealed social media accounts. However, nonsuch account has ever made an appearance in public.

Heather Mascoe Job, Net Worth, Education

By job, Heather Mascoe is a nurse. Although the details on her education remained undisclosed, she shortly unveiled her job.

Heather worked as a Registered Nurse (RN) at Oriana Hospital. Her workplace is situated in Sullivans Island, South Carolina itself.

From her work throughout her life, Heather garnered a net worth of above $300 thousand.

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Thomas Ravenel & Heather Mascoe: Dating, Engaged, Baby

Heather Mascoe’s relationships have been quite a controversy, alongside her ex-beau, Thomas Ravenel’s relationships. The two are considered ex-partners, but the October 2020 tweet of Thomas evoked multiple questions among fans.

Heather gave birth, to their baby, Jonathan Jackson Ravenel in July 2020. During the time she gave birth to Thomas and her son, the two had already split. However, Thomas’ tweet made it seem like he and Heather were still on dating terms. (richmondartmuseum)

The man tweeted, on 15th October 2020, that he was getting engaged to marry Heather Mascoe. This came as a surprise to most of their fans and followers as the couple had already broken-up, even before the birth of their baby.


Heather Mascoe clicks with her contentious partner, Thomas Ravenel. (Pic- thesun)

Whatsoever, most of them were happy about the announcement and congratulated the couple. And many also speculated that it was the newborn baby that brought the couple together again. The two were already on good terms after their break-up but the rekindling of love supposedly happened after the arrival of their son. Moreover, Thomas was time and again spotted buying baby supplies.

Talking about the previous relationship between Heather and Thomas, both of them were married and divorced. They even had kids from their previous relationships.

Heather Mascoe Ex, Kids, Divorce

As mentioned, Heather Mascoe was married previously, and not once but twice. Heather was initially married to Leo Chiagkouris and also had two kids with him. The ex-couple had a son and a daughter together. However, they got divorced in 2014, with Leo accusing Heather of running up bills on his credit card. Later, he dropped the charge and got the case dismissed.

After her divorce from her ex, Heather married Konstantin Lanchava but soon divorced in 2017.

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