Together, Gloria Thomas and BJ Thomas had three daughters; Erin Thomas, Paige Thomas, and Nora Cloud with their four grandchildren.

A little insight about BJ Thomas, he was a five-time Grammy-winning musician who sold over 70 million records worldwide. His style of music was the blend of country, soul, gospel, and soft rock that was accentuated by his warm and wistful singing that was mostly related to love, family, and hope.

In an interview BJ had shared looking back at his childhood, he added— “I think that’s why I eventually got to a place where I could appreciate myself, love myself and respect myself as a human being, and pass that onto my children and my wife.”

Moreover, in May of 2021, BJ Thomas passed away from lung cancer, according to her publicist Jeremy Westby ad Scott Sexton. In March 2021, he had announced about his Stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis was receiving treatment in Texas.