Gabriel Sterling of Georgia was the voting system implementation manager for the state of Georgia in the 2020 election. A Republican since his days as a college student, most believed he would support President Trump’s allegation of voting fraud.

But Gabriel Sterling’s response to Trump’s allegation came as a surprise to many when he debunked the irregularity allegations that earned him praise from all over.

Scroll down, as this Gabriel Sterling wiki unfold details on his family, education, and career along with political affiliation.

Gabriel Sterling Age, Birthday, Zodiac

14 November for Gabriel Sterling is a very special day as his birthday falls on that day. He celebrated turning 50 years old while celebrating his birthday in November 2020.

Based on that, Gabriel Sterling secured Scorpio as his zodiac sign.

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Gabriel Sterling Wikipedia — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Gabriel Sterling was born to his parents: father, Rod Sterling, and mother Lyn Sterling Montagne in his hometown of Decatur, Georgia. More on his parents: his father is the president of the Sterling Advisory Group in Georgia. Whereas, his mother is a businesswoman by trade.

Gabriel’s parents got divorced when he was young. Furthermore, Rod married Ana Rubio Sterling and Lyn went on to marry Larry Montagne. (Xanax) Ana and Larry have also been prominent figures in Gabriel’s life this is why he never hesitated on citing their importance in his life.

Unfolding further details on his step-parents, Ana Rubio worked as a real estate broker. As for Larry, he is an account developer with a marketing company.

Gabriel is allegedly the only child of his biological parents. And even if he had siblings, no information surfaced on them as of this writing.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Gabriel stands out from the others because of his shining silvery hair that flows in his head. More of his distinct features include his double-chinned face, slightly gapped tooth, light complexion, and a habit to put on blazers over his unbuttoned shirt.

Moreover, Gabriel Sterling stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). Likewise, he weighed about 92 kilograms (202 lbs) all thanks to his towering height and muscular body.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Moving on to his social media reach, after he garnered attention for debunking President Trump’s conspiracy, Gabriel Sterling had earned a total of 1044 followers.

Likewise, Gabriel’s Twitter account gathered a total of 42k followers as of this writing. Furthermore, he is also on Facebook with 1475 followers in total.

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Gabriel Sterling Net Worth, Education, Career

Staring this section with Gabriel’s education, he enrolled at Riverwood International Charter School in Sandy Springs, Georgia where he currently resides. He graduated from the same in 1988.

Gabriel also attended the University of Georgia. In 1993, he graduated from the University with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

In 1996, Gabriel also founded Sterling Political Consultant where he was the president. He worked until 2005 in the consultancy company. He also worked as the president of Sterling Seasonal Home Inc from 2002 to 2007.

Moreover, the Decatur-native worked as a Vice-chairman of the Sandy Springs Hospitality and Tourism Board for 6 years. He then went on to work as a Councilman for his hometown starting from 2011 up until 2018.

Starting from 2012, Gabriel went on to become Vice Chairman of the Sandy Springs Development Authority. He is also the owner of Elbow Bend Brewing & BBQ.

From 2019, Gabriel actively served as a board member of the Sandy Springs Conservacy Inc. He also served as the co-chair of finance Betline TADAC and later started to work for the city as Georgia Secretary of State.

Gabriel also earned prominence around his hometown as a craft beer specialist. Pooling all of his sources of income, Gabriel Sterling accumulated a total net worth of $8 million.

About Gabriel Sterling Party, Political Affiliation

Gabriel’s early career began at the age of 15 when he served on a republican senator’s campaign. He has been a lifelong Republican for as long as he could remember.

During his years as an enthused political leader, he tipped towards Republicans’ ideology to represent his political affiliation.

After his years in college, he worked as a campaign manager for Dr. Charlie Norwood’s campaign for Congress starting from 1993 to 1995. Following that, he moved on to become the legislative assistant of the Congressman.

As a student, Gabriel actively participated in College Republicans and the Demosthenian Literary Society. He was also a technical solutions specialist at BioLab Inc in the ’80s. He also interned at the Leadership Insititute marking his early career path as a student.

As for the start of his political career, Gabriel interned at the Georgia Republican Party in 1990. He later worked as the executive director of the Recall effort of Fulton County Commission Chairman Lomax.

Two years after his internship at Republican Party in Georgia, he participated in the election campaign for late president George W. Bush during Georgia Primaries and general elections.,

During the 2020 election, Gabriel worked as the COO and worked as an implementation manager. As the presidential election has ended, but that didn’t stop him from attracting the spotlight.

In January 2021, he criticized the claim of President Trump’s voter fraud claim. As he had a life-long affiliation to the Republican Party, his criticizing Trump and supporting the election officials came as a surprise.

Gabriel attracted both praises as well as death threats for his actions which made him sought for police security against chances of a threat to his life.

Gabriel Sterling Wife, Fiancee, Kids

By Jan 2021, Georgia’s Voting Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling was engaged to an anonymous lady. He neither shared details on her nor revealed her identity. However, he proudly wrote a few things about his fiancee on his social media.

On 14 November, Gabriel wrote on Twitter,

“It’s my 50th tomorrow. My fiancé got me this as my first gift…she knows me well. Thanks baby.”

Some of his followers also commented on his Twitter post regarding his fiancee. Moreover, one of his followers commented on his wife landing a new job.

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