Florian Sukaj is an Albanian native best known as the fiance of Stacey Silva. In 2020, he sprung to reality TV fame after starring in the latest TLC show “Darcey and Stacey”.

Keep on reading and make yourself familiar with Florian wiki info including her age, job, and height. What’s more, discover his birthday, nationality, and family.

Florian Sukaj Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Florian Sukaj was 29 years of years in 2020 when the world was struggling to cope with the effects of COVID-19.

Moreover, 15 years his senior, Stacey Silva celebrated her birthday on 23rd December. Meanwhile, Florian offered not to spill beans on his zodiac and birthday. (

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Florian Sukaj Parents, Siblings, Nationality

As noted previously, Florian Sukaj owned the Albanian nationality. To be more specific, he hailed from  Shkodër, Albania.

Since connecting with Stacey Silva, Florian spent his time between the US and his native country. As seen on the “Stacey and Darcey” trailer aired in August 2020, they were planning to file a K1 Visa. It even gave rise to the suggestions the duo might star on “90 Day Fiance”.

Also, Florian kept the names of his siblings and parents to herself.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

If nothing else, Florian inherited good looks from his anonymous father and mother. A fitness freak, he maintained a ripped physique with 6 packs.

Likewise, Florian Sukaj enjoyed a tremendous height of 5 feet 11 inches. On the other hand, her 84-plus weight was indicative of his effort in the gym.

Speaking about his distinct features, Florian garnered full-lips and a stubble beard.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, FB

To maintain mystique ahead of the premiere of “Darcey and Stacey,” Florian locked his IG. By then, he had already accumulated 21.7 thousand followers.

Besides Instagram, Florian also changed his Twitter handle to private.

Unsurprisingly, Florian was on Facebook as well.

Florian Sukaj Job, Net Worth, Education

Fans of “Darcey and Silva” believed Florian couldn’t have attended college because his work didn’t require a degree.

For context, Florian Sukaj held the job of a model. Plus, he aspired to become a fitness influencer.

Given his following on IG, US-based publications argued Florian was an inch away from meeting his goal.

Working as a model and a fitness influencer, Florian earned a good living. However, it wasn’t enough for the Albanian-native who probably banked on his romance with Stacey to work out and amass a fortune in the US.

As of this writing, Florian’s net worth eluded everyone including the outlets who covered him.

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Are Florian Sukaj And Stacey Silva Still Together?

Florian Sukaj met Stacey Silva on social media. After coming across the American beauty’s FB profile, he liked her pictures.

Admittedly, Stacey was drawn to Florian immediately. In her own words, she found him “good looking.”

Because of the language barrier and the 15 years age difference, Stacey didn’t take their relationship seriously at first. However, over time, they grew close.

Following six months of dating online, Stacey flew to Albania. 10 days after meeting for the first time, Florian asked her to marry him.

In April 2019, “In Touch Weekly” confirmed Florian and Stacey’s engagement. By then, they had been together for almost 4 years.

Florian’s relationship with Stacey hit an all-time low in October 2019 when she deleted evidence of him from her IG. Reportedly, the American hottie caught him cheating on her with a woman who posted a photo of them in a compromising state.

Florian and Stacey, however, made amends. In December 2020, the mother of two hinted reconciliation by sharing a photo of them locking lips.

As of August 2020, nobody could tell if Florian and Stacey were still together. In part, because they both kept their IG private.

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