As the Lucky Dog ex-host announced his departure from the show, the questions on who will replace him best started flooding the internet.

And came forward the name of the highly talented dog trainer for years, Eric Wiese. No clear reasons on why the ex-host, Brandon McMillian left the show, came from the show’s side. However, Brandon mentioned that as the show made big, the business became the goal which came as the problem between him and the producers.

Eric. on the other hand, went for the show in the best possible way with his life partner and people already love them so much. And with love came the queries of who he was, his family background, education, training, career, and a lot more. To know the answers, subscribe to the article!

Eric Wiese Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Born on 17th May 1984, Eric Wiese reached the age of 36 on his 2020 birthday. His mid-May birthday confirms his zodiac sign to be Taurus.

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Eric Wiese Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Eric Wiese did not reveal much about his family although it’s a known fact that his family is also from the United States.

He has not unveiled the details of his hometown. However, his bio made it clear that he resided in Newhall, Los Angeles, and Playa Vista, California, in the past.

When Eric got to host his career-changing show, he was living in Sherman Oaks, California.

When it comes to his education, Eric went to Positive Reinforcement Training where he got trained for dog interaction.

More than that, no information on his formal education is available online.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Eric Wiese is a dashing man standing at a height of 5 feet 10 inches. His distinct features go well with the weight he has of 79 kgs.

It’s definitely his personality that stands in the first while talking about his distinct features. Other than his nature, it’s Eric’s mesmerizing cute looks, his smile, his overall physique, and also his style, that makes him look unique in every sense.

Hence, Eric seemed to be a new one for on-screen. But how he justifies every episode through his overall looks as well as personality is something people adore about him.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Eric has been serious about his work, which more like social work that encourages many people around the globe.

And his genuineness towards his work is also apparent in his social media presence. Eric has his personal Instagram too, but he seems more active on Facebook and Instagram of his foundation company.

Eric is not on Twitter, neither does the man have his company’s Twitter handle. However, on the Instagram handle of his co-founded the early January 2021.

Also on the Facebook page of the company, there were hundreds of people who like and follow the page. While on Eric’s Instagram as well, with only 8 posts he had hundreds of followers.

Eric Wiese Net Worth, Career, Lucky Dog

Eric Wiese has been in the field of dog training for decades. Throughout his career, he obtained many licenses and certificates related to professional dog training.

Eric has a certification from the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC), the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and the Association of Professional Dog Training (A.P.D.T).

His long-lived career in dog training began at the age of 15 and got him to co-found and co-own the company Happy Puppy L.A. with his wife.

Whatsoever, what actually got him fame was his appearance in the popular CBS show Lucky Dog. He and his wife came as a replacement for the widely known host and dog rescuer Brandon McMillan.

His net worth from all the works Eric Wiese did is supposedly over $800 million.

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Eric Wiese & Rashi Khanna: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Eric Weise and his wife Rashi Khanna became the eye-catchers after they were approached by the Lucky Dog show producers.

Although they were more focused on what they came for- adopting and training dogs, fans were curious to know about their relationship.

Looking at the completely varied ethnic background of the couple, it would be more of an excitement to know about how they began dating, even their wedding details.

And no doubt, fans had the excitement, although the couple was lowkey regarding their personal life.

They unveiled the professional outcomes of their relationship on their company’s website, of which they were founders and owners.

Eric was into dog training from a very early time. Rashi, on the other hand, had a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Social Work.

As the two met in 2014, Rashi joined in hands with Eric and helped merge her Psychology degree into Dog Psychology. And similarly, the adoption and training as the basis of love and social work.

They had started working together for dogs even before their wedding. The couple has 5 dogs as their kids and seems happiest with the way life is giving to them.


Eric Wiese and his wife Rashi Khanna with their three dogs. (Pic- Eric’s Instagram)

They, as the trainers themselves, seem fascinated by the beauty they are granted in life in the form of dogs.

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