Having renowned parents in the same field you are in must feel lucky. However, the luck comes with many consequences, you might have never thought when putting your hands into the field.

Emily Estefan is the best example of how following the footpaths of your parents, you can step out of their shadows to set your individual image. Her life as a daughter, as a girlfriend, and as a musician faced hard times, but the role she played to excel all at this young age, is what people appreciate about her.

Biography — Age, Parents, Siblings

Emily Estefan reached 25 years of age on her 2020 birthday. Born in the year 1957, the lady celebrates her birthday on 5th December every year, which makes her a Sagittarius by zodiac.

Emily is the daughter of the legendary musicians, Emilio and Gloria Estefan. She was born to the celebrated personalities in Miami, Florida. Her parents raised her alongside her elder brother, Nayib, an actor. Both the siblings do extremely well in their related genres of art.

Besides her parents and sibling, Emily has a cousin sister, Lili, who is also into showbiz. Lili is best known to be a model and a TV show host. Also, Emily’s grandmother, Gloria Fajardo used to perform in the nightclubs.

Thus, the artistic gene is quite apparent in Emily’s family ever since generations.

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How Tall Is Emily Estefan?

Emily Estefan stands tall enough at a height of 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight of 53 kgs and the overall measurement of 33-24-33 looks perfect to the personality she endows.

Whatsoever, people love Emily Estefan’s strong personality more than her physical appearance. The lady herself, most probably finds this fact more fascinating as she appears all-natural even on her social media.

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Emily Estefan Net Worth — $20 Million

Emily Estefan went to Berklee College of Music for her Bachelor’s education in Contemporary Writing and Production. She was all into music ever since a child, musical environment she grew up in.  She later founded Alien Shrimp Records and works as a president for the company.

Moreover, Emily also does the job of a Freelance Writer. Her educational degree in Writing makes her love for it quite apparent.

Emily also has a YouTube Channel with more than 12.2K subscribers until October 2020. Talking about her other social media, the lady garnered more than 163K followers on Instagram until the same date. Also, her SoundCloud and Spotify accounts have a long list of her hits.

One of Emily’s biggest hits is her 2017 album Take Whatever You Want. The album forms of 14 individual tracks including her big hits Whatever You Want and Purple Money.

Further, Emily took no longer to step out of her parents’ shadows as she started her own journey since she was in her early 20s. That might be the reason, being the daughter of such established legendary artists, Emily succeeded with them being her inspiration, not her musical bearers.

Thus, the daughter of the parents, whose combined net worth is $500 each, Emily Estefan amassed her sole net worth of above $20 million.

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Emily Estefan Married, Partner, Dating

Being an openly Lesbian individual was a challenge for Emily Estefan, as a public figure. She never hid her sexuality but opted not to open it up in public until the need, for quite a time. So, when the fact was out on her first anniversary with girlfriend/partner Gemeny Hernandez, Emily faced criticism. Gemeny posted a heartfelt public wish to Emily where she mentioned that she realized she was in that very stance, due to Emily being by her side all the time.

Emily and Gemeny started dating in late 2016. After their first anniversary, the pair was all open to the public and also started enunciating their bond on social platforms.

Emily’s partner Gemeny was a student at Florida International University. She also worked as an Executive Assistant at the university for more than 2 years. Emily and her partner, being from the same city, was probably the meeting point of the two individuals shipped for each other.

Coming back to their revelation of their relationship to the public, most of Emily’s fans were extremely pleased and overjoyed. They not only supported her but thanked her for coming out.

Emily Estefan spends romantic time with her partner, Gemeny Hernandez. (Pic: Emily’s Instagram)

However, like the theory of the two sides of the coin says, some people mocked Emily for being Lesbian. More than the lady herself, they were concerned about her parents, the legendary artists. Some yelled on the internet saying her parents must be ashamed of her choices.

“Some drops of dirt don’t pollute the ocean.” As this saying, Emily Estefan is fully in love with her partner Gemeny, who she sometimes refers to as her “chicken”. In 2020, the couple was probably dreaming of getting married while their haters remained only those few drops in their ocean of love.

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