Lara Diamante Coppola rose to fame as a wife of Nayib Estefan, the famous actor and the son of legendary musicians, Emilio and Gloria Estefan.

Having married Nayib, Lara’s popularity certainly grew to the next level, but she has proved herself to be not just a perfect wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and a mother, but also a reliable stylist in the industry.

The lady definitely stands to the reputation, the Estefan family endows. Know more about who Nayib Estefan’s wife is, and how does she perfect her role as a part of the family as well as the film industry!

Lara Coppola Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Lara Coppola’s actual age remains unwrapped. However, the lady was supposedly born in October 1981.

An October born either falls under either Libra or Scorpio. But due to the absence of Lara’s actual birth date, her real zodiac also remains concealed from the public eye.

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Lara Coppola Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Although Lara Coppola resided in L.A. for her career, her family is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. Her parents raised her hometown in Caracas before the lady left for the United States to pursue her dreams.

Whatsoever, Lara mostly remains secretive about her early life with her family. Thus, she never revealed anything about her siblings ever. Lara didn’t even open on whether or not does she have a sibling.

But there are members and relatives of her family who are into the film line. Nicolas Cage, Jason Schwartzman, Roman Coppola, Carmine Coppola, Eleanor Coppola, Sofia Coppola, Robert Schwartzman, are few among many names of the Coppola family working in the Hollywood film industry.

Height, Weight, Measurements

Lara Coppola is not an American by birth but stands an average height of American women. She stands 5 feet 4 inches in height.

Her measurements of 32-24-33 inches endowed a perfect weight of 51 kgs. Thus, the overall combination of numbers in her particular physique size makes her look perfect as a model and a stylist.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Lara opts to remain secretive about her personal life, is a fact, and no more a secret. This is because the lady is not on Facebook and Twitter, but is on Instagram.

However, her Instagram account with more than 7.4K followers until October 2020, is private. Hence, Lara is most probably all sorted with what to reveal and what all to hide from the public eye.

Moreover, Lara is okay giving a professional interview on her likes and dislikes regarding food, places, holiday destinations, and so on. This is certainly a part of her being, as a public figure.

Not just as an individual, or having a family background in the industry, but also having in-laws as the famed stars, Lara finds it fine revealing certain parts of her living.

Lara Coppola Job, Net Worth, Education

Lara Coppola is a stylist who has contributed some landmark styles to the showbiz. Before her styling job, Lara was a club promoter in Miami. Her job either in styling or club-promoting has been widely reckoned within the groups in the business.

Due to her concealing of most details on her early life, her educational background also remains under wraps. However, the lady might have attained her initial education in Venezuela as she grew up there.

Whatever is her educational or employment background, her personal net worth of above $1 million speaks that the lady must have worked hard to gain that huge sum.

Besides, Lara’s parents-in-law, the musical legends, have a net worth of $500 million.

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Lara Coppola & Nayib Estefan: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Lara Coppola got married to the famous actor Nayib Estefan on 5th June 2010. Their wedding ceremony was star-studded, which took place in Nayib’s parents’ backyard.

Celebrities like Nick D’ Annunzio, Tara Ortiz, Danny Santiago, Mario Vergel made Lara’s wedding with the love of her life even more special.

Most facts on Lara and Nayib’s initial dating days remain unraveled. However, their life afterward, has beautiful portions that the couple has shared with their fans. The couple is blessed with a son, Sadha Argento Coppola Estefan.

Their son was born on 21st June 2012, two years after Lara and Nayib tied the knot. Although the couple doesn’t have many kids as most people think they have, their son, who turned 8 in 2020, has been growing up with much affection from every family member. He was the first grandchild of the respected musicians, Emilio and Gloria Estefan. Thus, the little one arrived with much buzz not, only in the family but also in public.

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