Ross Mattews, who is best known as a correspondent and intern for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, got engaged to his partner Dr. Wellington Garcia. Following the engagement, Ross Mathews’s fiance Dr. Garcia drew attention owing to his low profile.

So, scroll down as this wiki shared details on the life, career, and relationship of Dr. Wellington Garcia, Ross Matthews fiance.

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Dr. Wellington García Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Dr. Wellington Garcia is either in his late ’20s or his early ’30s, going by his appearance. But, the precise date of his birth remains a mystery to many as he avoided sharing details on them.

This is why details regarding exact age, the day he celebrates his birthday, and his zodiac sign remain a mystery to many.

Dr. Wellington García Bio: Ethnicity, Family, Hometown

The family life of Dr. Wellington Garcia has been a matter of interest to many individuals. Even though they played a huge role in raising him right, the details of his parents remain obscure as of this writing.

Also, Dr. Wellington Garcia’s family remains away from public attention. But, several sources dropped information that he is most probably of Hispanic descent. Talking about his hometown, he currently resides in New York City.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Coming to social media reach, Dr. Wellington Garcia only appears to be on Instagram. His minimum activity on the platform suggested his disinterest in sharing his private life out in public. Plus, he only posted two times on the platform. Moreover, the platform earned him a total of 997 followers as of 24 Feb 2021.

Along with Instagram, unearthing public profiles of Dr. Garcia on Twitter and Facebook proves to be almost impossible. And maybe because he doesn’t seem to own a profile, tracking his account on Facebook and Twitter was a tough job.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

It wouldn’t go to a miss to bravely claim that Dr. Wellington Garcia is quite a handsome man. His well-groomed and suave sense of style adds to his attractive appearance. He stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). Moreover, Wellington weighed about 80 kilograms due to his moderately tall physique and body-type.

Dr. Wellington García Net Worth, Education, Job

To have ‘Dr.’ in the front of a name, one must be academically accomplished and completed several courses moving through higher ranks. He must be proficient in his field of study with a doctorate in a respective field. (Modafinil)

Disappointingly, the college which he attended to earn his doctorate is a piece of information yet to be known. Moreover, the high school which he attended is also information that is yet to be explored.

Talking about the job, Dr. Wellington García is known among fans of Ross Matthews as an educator. Given that he is a doctor, he must teach students on a college level. But, the subject which he imparts his knowledge is a secret yet to be shared with the fans.

An average public school teacher makes an average salary of $63,000 per year in the states. That summed up with the years of experience, he should have a net worth of at least $400 thousand. Whereas, his partner Ross Matthews boasts an impressive net worth of $2 million.

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Dr. Wellington García & Ross Mathews: Dating, Engaged, Wedding

Ross Mathews got engaged to his partner and now-fiance Dr. Wellingtopn Garcia in February 2021. As reported, Ross Mattews and Dr. Wellington Garcia met each other in early 2020. Sharing his love story with his now-fiance Ross told that meeting Dr. Garcia changed his life.

Furthermore, Ross boasted on The Drew Barrymore Show about his fiance being the hilarious and smartest person he ever met in his life. And following the instructions of Beyonce, he did in fact “put the ring on it.”

Moreover, Dr. Garcia went on his Instagram with a caption that had two things only ‘ring’ and ‘heart’ which hinted at fresh engagement. Whereas, Ross took it to his Instagram account where he wrote their time together during pandemic and quarantine,

“Fiancé, you stay! 💍 I am so proud to announce that after over a year together – navigating a pandemic, quarantine and opposite coasts.”

Ross further wrote,

“the smartest, funniest and kindest man I’ve ever met said, “Yes!” Dr. García, I love you. A lifetime of adventure awaits.”

After the official announcement of the engagement, fans noticed that he had been hinting about their romance since October of 2020. However, he didn’t reveal his name back then.

The newly engaged couple received heartfelt wishes from several celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jersey Shore star ‘Snooki’, and several notable others.

So, will Dr. Garcia and Ross get married soon? Yes, they might see it through to the end of the aisle and share vows on their wedding day, but that day was yet to be announced.

Ross Matthews Dating History

In 2019, Ross Matthews opened up about the end of his long-term relationship. He parted ways with stylist Salvador Camarena in November of 2018 after ten years together.

Reflecting on the relationship he shared,

“It was a beautiful 10 years but it had a beginning, a middle and it had an end. We both kind of felt that if we didn’t wrap it up then, it would feel like a steak that had been on the grill for too long. It would just get tough.”

Sharing his take on monogamy, Ross shared that only in a dream scenario one can picture white picket fences and kids and happily ever after, holding hands in our death beds and passing away in the same moment.

In January of 2019, Ross was also in a serious relationship with Ryan Fogarty after splitting with Salvador Camarena. A source told the US, they were out and about for a while maintaining a long-distance relationship. Ryan and Ross stayed friends for over a decade until they decided to get serious in their relationship.

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