Meet Kardea Brown. Kardea is a chef who comes from the Gullah community in South Carolina and she longs to preserve her culture one dish at a time. That does not mean to say that Kardea was not famous. She was part of Food Network’s Delicious Miss Brown.

Read the entire article to know more about Kardea including interesting wikis like net worth, age, etc. We shall also answer the questions like who is Kardea’s boyfriend? Is she married?

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Kardea Brown Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Kardea Brown was born on 16 November 1987, which meant she was 33 years of age as of the time this article was written (24 February 2021).

And because she celebrated her birthday every year on the 16th of November, her zodiac sign was Scorpio.

Kardea Brown Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

We have already said that Kardea comes from the Gullah community. In fact, Kardea was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. And as a chef, she does bring the culture and her hometown influences to her food.

In her family, Kardea Brown had a mother, Pat Green, who was an interior designer and a Brooklyn native. Her father’s name was not known but it was her father from whom she inherited Gullah heritage.

She also had a brother in the family by the name, Kedrick Wright. Furthermore, she also had a Godmother, TC Jones-Cannady, who Kardea mentioned as her bonus mother. Both her own mother and her Godmother have appeared on Kardea’s shows.

While we are on the subject of family, Kardea learned to cook from her grandmother (on her father’s side). Her grandmother was a magnificent cook and mostly prepared dishes from her Gullah culture.

Finally, Kardea got her college education from Oglethorpe University. She graduated college with a degree in psychology and sociology.

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Height, Weight Loss, Distinct Features

Kardea Brown was a woman of medium height, standing at 5 ft 6 inches. She was also a woman of quite a substantial weight. However, in 2020, during the COVID lockdown, Kardea lost 21 and a half pounds weight within a span of just 2 months.

Her distinct features include long black hair with thick braids, a rather charming smile, and sometimes a bandanna on her head.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Kardea was rather massive on some social media platforms and not so much on others. On Instagram, for example, she had a massive following of 165k as of Feb 2021. Whereas on Twitter, she had only 3.8k followers.

She also had a Youtube channel with 1.11k subscribers. On Facebook, she had a couple of accounts, one with a blue tick and the other without.

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Kardea Brown Net Worth, Recipes, Does She Have A Restaurant?

The sources estimate that Kardea Brown’s net worth could be between $800 thousand to $5 million.

Professionally, Kardea was a chef and was most famous as the host of Food Network’s Delicious Miss Brown.

Before stardom, Kardea worked as a social worker in New Jersey at Big Brothers, Big Sisters. She always wanted to cook. So, after her then-boyfriend gave her the idea, she auditioned for the pilot of a show called Deen of Lean on Food Network.

The executives of the show told her that she had screen presence and charisma but needed to hone her cooking skills. That didn’t mean her career ambition was over. On the contrary, it had put her on the map.

Kardea did start her career in TV in 2016 as a guest in The Kitchen. And later in the year, she went on to judge cooking competitions like Cooks vs Cons, Chopped Junior, Kids BBQ Championship.

In 2019, she appeared as a judge in Family Food Showdown, and as host for Cupcake Championship. Kardea also got her own show, Delicious Miss Brown that very year.

In 2020, she appeared on Dinner Takes All, Today, and All-Star Best Thing I Ever Ate. In 2021, Kardea was a judge on Spring Baking Championship.

Although Kardea is all high profile and famous, her food is very grounded. It comes from her Gullah heritage, born of the necessity of the community, with the means that were available to them. The history of food is also the history of community and Kardea embraces them all.

Kardea also had her own New Gullah Supper Club. It was a traveling club that made supper based on traditional Gullah food. One has to buy the tickets and show up wherever the club is cooking that day and have a delicious meal.

Kardea Brown Married, Boyfriend, Is She Dating?

For someone so outspoken about food, Kardea Brown was rather silent on dating. The only mention of any boyfriends was regarding her career, when (as we previously mentioned) her boyfriend gave her the idea to audition for Food Network.

That is the only time, Kardea has ever mentioned her boyfriend. We do not even know what happened to that caring and smart boyfriend.

On the other hand, it was unlikely that Kardea Brown was married. Interestingly, her best friend, Nicole Jenkins got married in 2019. Kardea and Nicole were best friends since they were little children and Kardea was rather ecstatic at her best friend’s wedding.

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