TLC’s newest medical series, Dr. Mercy, with a premiere date on 22 September 2021, is all about the Chicago-based dermatologist, Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo, treating patients with everything from giant cysts to extreme moles to unwanted female facial hair.

Meet the patient’s favorite medical professional closely in this Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo Wiki.

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Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo On TLC

In this exclusive sneak peek at TLC’s Dr. Mercy, viewers are introduced to Dr. Mercy who is not afraid to apply herself to bizarre and fascinating skin cases.

As TLC is already home to some of the best medical professionals in the world, TLC Streaming and Network Originals’ president Howard Lee, was very welcoming and hopeful about including Dr. Mercy in their outstanding roster of doctors. “Dr. Mercy’s personable and compassionate approach stood out and we can’t wait for everyone to meet her”, Howard expressed in a statement.

From the above-mentioned first look of the show, we understood Dr. Mercy loves dermatology because “you never know what you’re going to get.”

Dr. Mercy shared she lives by the mantra — “The skin is a manifestation of what’s going on internally.” So, every time a patient comes to her, it’s not just the skin that she is treating, but the person as a whole.

Dr. Mercy airs on TLC and will be also available to stream on discovery+.

Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo Age

Dr. Mercy was born on 6 March 1984 and therefore reached the age of 37 in 2021. Also, so you know, her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Her Height

Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo, in her well-tamed physique and passable model features, stands to a height of 5’7” or 1.70 meters.

Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo Ethnic Background

Dr. Mercy’s father, Fola Odueyungbo, is from his hometown of Ijebu, Ogun, Nigeria. So, Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo acquired Nigerian ethnicity from him.

INSIDE WEDDINGS when covering the details of her wedding had mentioned — “Cultural traditions from the bride’s Nigerian heritage were included in the ceremony.”

Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo Parents, Siblings

Dr. Mercy’s parents were based in Chicago, Illinois as of August 2021. Her father, Fola Odueyungbo started his current tenure as a CEO at MOST Spedcialist Services PC in Flossmoor, Illinois in June 2005.

And then formerly, Fola studied MS Biology at Southern Connecticut State University and BS at Governors State University. He also went to the school of nursing ijebu ode and Molusi College Ijebu Igbo.

Fola turned 64 in Feb. 2021 and his wife and Dr. Mercy’s mom, Modupe Odueyungbo, turned 61 in Aug. 2021.

Further, Dr. Mercy has at least three siblings — a brother and two sisters. Brother, Simi Odueyungbo, based in Chicago, Illinois seemed happily married to a beautiful woman. He went to Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and also studied Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Sister Toluwani (Tolu) Odueyungbo, who turned 24 April 2021, studied Political Science/Pre-Law at the University of Illinois.

Then, the other sister, Opeyemi Odueyungbo, is a South Holland inhabitant.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Until 18 August 2021, Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo could be found only on her ‘Mercy Odueyungbo’ personal account on Facebook which is also kind of a low-key profile.

Then, the Lilly Dermatology page on Facebook @Lilly Dermatology is actually her business/dermatologist page. People landing on this part of Facebook, especially for appointments, are greeted by Dr. Mercy’s “Every patient deserves to feel beautiful, both inside and out.”

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Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo Net Worth

Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo had above an estimated $1.5 million net worth before the world knew about her recent stint on TLC.

Dr. Mercy is a board-certified dermatologist, a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon, and the owner of 4.8-star-reviewed Lilly Dermatology & Lilly Aesthetics.

With a special interest in aesthetic enhancements including botox, fillers, laser treatments, Dr. Mercy has completed extensive training in liposuction surgery.

The Indiana University School of Medicine alum is mostly recognized for her expertise in the treatment of skin cancer using Mohs micrographic surgery.

Hint on her salary — calculation suggests the average dermatologist salary in Chicago, Illinois typically falls between $323,500 and $439,500.

Is Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo Married?

Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo is not just married but has been happily married to her husband Antonio (Tony) Jackson since 2015.


From the wedding day of Dr. Mercy and Antonio Jackson (PIC: INSIDE WEDDINGS)

Tony is a former NFL player, who played for Oakland Raiders, New York Giants, and Seattle Seahawks, and physically ran into Dr. Mercy on one fine day in 2002 at the student union of the University of Iowa. Their first encounter was on the smoothest of the first meeting as Dr. Mercy had considered it a college athlete’s lack of manners. Little did she know her brown eyes had literally left Tony speechless and in love at first sight.

Anyway, despite the not-so-good first impression, Tony managed to ask Dr. Mercy to be his science tutor. With time, they became friends and a romance bloomed when Dr. Mercy started medical school. Over a decade from their initial run-in and Tony was ready to propose Dr. Mercy to be his bride.

Today, they have a beautiful daughter named Lilly (age 3 as of August 2021).


Dr. Mercy’s husband and daughter and the rest of the family (from left) at sister Toluwani’s graduation (PIC: Toluwani Odueyungbo’s FB)

In August 2020, as they were performing in Dancing with our Stars, Tony was also helping his wife run her day-to-day affairs of Lilly Dermatology while pursuing a degree in law at Purdue University.

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