Kwame Ferreira, best known as the husband of supermodel Lily Cole, is her love time partner. Ever since his model wife came out as queer in her book, people turned heads towards him for the response. But, he hasn’t delivered any.

Learn more about him with this Kwame Ferreira Wikipedia where we cover his parents, net worth, and height.

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His Age

Kwame Ferreira, who is around 40 years old as of 2021, is yet to share his precise age. This also includes his birthday.

Kwame Ferreira Parents

Kwame Ferreira was born to parents who were filmmakers. When Angola fell into the turmoil of civil war, his parents were filming a documentary. They were recording remote cultural heritage across the continent.

Later, Kwame moved to Brazil with his parents. But, they didn’t stop there at all. Finally, the family made it to the South of Portugal.

After her parents separated, Kwame stayed with his mother. She remarried a German man, his step-father, who had an enormous impact on his teenage life and who inspired him to become curious about the world.

Kwame Ferreira Nationality: Is He From Ghana?

Kwame Ferreira was born in Angola, a country in Central Africa. But, the county was torn apart by the civil war. Kwame, in the Akan Language from Ghana, means “Born of Saturday.” But, he isn’t from Ghana, he just has a name from a language spoken in that country.

His Instagram, Facebook

Kwame Ferreira couldn’t be discovered on social media platforms. However, his company Impossible had a profile on Instagram as well as Twitter. On Instagram, it had 15k followers as of Aug 2021. It contained 1,061 posts in total.

Likewise, Kwame impossible had 5,923 followers on Twitter with 5,265 posts.

Kwame Ferreira Height

With a tall and broad physique, Kwame Ferreira stands to the height of 6 feet 3 inches (1.90 meters). He puts on glasses to aid his sight which is also his distinct feature. Unlike his redhead wife, he has dark-colored hair.

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Kwame Ferreira Net Worth

With his hands as an entrepreneur in several fields of work, Kwame Ferreira gathered a total net worth of nearly $3 million.

Kwame Ferreira is a co-founder and CEO of Impossible, an innovation group and incubator best known for developing socially conscious innovation.

Initially, his love for learning more about the mechanism of the world inspired him to take on science and then design. Kwame spent five years in a classical fine arts academy in Lisbon, then media arts in Berlin and Sociable Media in Boston. Then, he relocated to London to understand better the world of business.

Before Impossible, Kwame worked as a service designer lead at Fjord, a design and innovation consultancy in London. He contributed to the business by helping the business through creative execution. It allowed him to understand a global understanding of diverse businesses and their issues.

So, Kwame became a problem solver.

Hence, Kwame left to become a more pragmatic product, creator, and executor. He took a break after Fjord, and co-founded a record label Enchufada and helped grow The Vinyl Factory, a record label, and magazine.

His company worked with global companies like Google, Roche, Samsung, and Lonely Planet as well as impactful startups such as Fairphone, Wires, and Kinsu. In addition to client work, Impossible builds its own products, such as Impossible People, a social network based on ‘gift economy’, Nikabot, a Slack bot that helps teams keep track of time, and Bond Touch, a tech bracelet for couples separated by distance. The company is a certified B Corporation.

Besides the actual product, they were also involved in creating publications, podcasts, and also a film titled Balls. He also received credit serving as cinematographer for Full Circles, Lights in Dark Places, and producer for Fear.

Lily Cole And Kwame Ferreira: Married Life, Daughter

Kwame Ferreira and Lily Cole have been together since 2012 as they got married that year. As reported by DailyMail, they reside in Portugal with their 5-year-old daughter Wylde for a few years (as of August 2021). The welcomed Wylde in 2015.

In her book, Lily touches on several issues surrounding gender equality, the environment, and also her sexuality. The supermodel mentioned that when she became pregnant she had written a Post-it Note contract, which was agreeing to split the childcare 50/50 with her partner, tech-entrepreneur Kwame Ferreira.


Kwame Ferreira and his wife Lily Cole (Pic: DailyMail)

When Lily Cole came out as she shared that she wanted to break ‘rigid’ boundaries of sexuality. She had opened up about her sexuality in her book Who Cares Wins: How to Protect the Planet You Love. She stated ”none of us choose the cultural norms and laws we inherit’.

The model also shared that, in her eco-conscious book if her daughter mixed-race daughter was born in a different country, she would have been a crime. If she had lived in another country with her queerness, her queerness would’ve been a crime.

Before, her marriage with Kwame, she was also romantically involved with Jude Law, David Gandy, and Bryan Ferry.

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