Actor Desmond Chiam is one of the new faces of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He has been one of the highly sought-after actors hailing from Australia. The show earned him attention from all over. This article is based on his life and details on his family members along with his relationship status and net worth.

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Desmond Chiam The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Desmond Chiam played the role of Dovich. But, the actor had his own stories from the past to share. Growing up as a kid, he saved up his pocket money to buy a Captain America videotape from Melbourne Fair.

When Desmond landed the part of Dovich, the 11-year-old in him got excited about it.

How Old Is He?

Desmond Chiam was born on 30 July 1987. He turned 33 years old while celebrating his birthday in July of 2020. Per his date of birth, he secured Leo as his zodiac sign.

Desmond Chiam Ethnicity, Parents, Siblings

Desmond Wei Liang Chiam was born to his mother Ivy Chiam and his anonymous father in Australia. His parents hailed from Singapore, the country he called one of the three homes.

He grew up in Melbourne and Singapore and his parents had him in after-school math tuition, Chinese language classes, violin classes, and 4 am swimming training. Desmond’s father worked for a Singaporean company. So, he briefly lived there.

His parents were featured on his social media.

More on his family: Desmond Chiam has one sibling, his sister Natasha Chiam. Natasha Chiam is on Instagram with 981 followers with a private account. Furthermore, his sister is married to her husband and has a child together. The Chiam siblings are of Singaporean-Australian ethnicity.

Desmond Chiam Height

Talking about physical attributes, Desmond Chiam stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). He weighed 82 kilograms (180 lbs). Moreover, his long hair and his goatee are a few of his distinct features.

Is He On Social Media?

Talking about social media, Desmond’s Instagram account earned 16.8k followers until early April 2021. He posted 393 times on the platform and followed 1000 people. In the same way, his Twitter account earned him 3625 followers.

Moreover, Desmond’s Facebook page garnered 512 followers in total. He also owns a personal profile where he hasn’t updated anything since April 2020.

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Desmond Chiam Net Worth

Desmond Chiam faced all the ups and downs to reach the point where his net worth was $250 thousand.

As stereotypical Asian parents, his parents kept a high expectation from him to make academic accomplishments. But, he shifted ways from the path his parents set for him and started practicing law since he couldn’t see himself having a career in creative activities.

After completing high school, Desmond joined the University of Melbourne where he studied law. Then, he practiced law for a few months. Growing up, he was into a dance that helped pave way for his career as an actor.

Moreover, the art of b-boying and breakdancing had him hooked even further. Desmond, who was ridiculed for dreaming to become a dancer, found something different in Scape in Singapore.

Plus, watching actors like Chris Pang, an Asian-Australian actor, and meeting him shortly after boosted his confidence to be an actor. Furthermore, speaking with senior lawyers from his firm helped him pursue acting rather than practicing law.

Desmond debuted his acting career as an extra in an Australian Post advertisement. He joined acting classes that helped him hone his acting skills. He also landed a few Australian short films until he landed a part in local shows such as Neighbors and Better Man.

For landing better opportunities, the Asian-Australian actor landed in Los Angeles. Desmond landed minors parts in TV shows such as Offspring (2013), We, the Band (2015), NCIS: Los Angeles (2016), Manifest Destiny (2016), and Con Man (2016) among others.

But the biggest breakthrough came into his career when he landed the part of Riga in The Shannara Chronicles (2017).

Then Desmond appeared in Now Apocalypse (2019), Reef Break (2019), and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021). The shows became some of the greatest ones in his career as of early April 2021.

Besides movies and TV shows, he also did voice acting for a video game.

Desmond Chiam Wife, Girlfriend, Sami Jayne

During an exchange year in the United States, Desmond Chiam incidentally met his future wife, Sami Jayne. They met each other in the local dance studio. Desmond and Sami became friends soon after, starting from May of 2008 to be more precise.

On 14 June 2015, Desmond popped the big question getting on his knees. The couple got engaged soon after Sami said yes. Though in Desmond’s own words he ‘fumbled’ his way into proposing her, his girlfriend, Sami would’ve replied ‘Yes’ either way.

But, the one thing Desmond and Sami had to deal with was a long-distance relationship. Regardless, they put faith and trust in each other and got through the toughest times. Though details on their marriage and wedding were never shared on their socials, Desmond called Sami his wife.

More about Desmond’s girlfriend turned fiancee: Sami Jayne worked as a director for The Corps Dance Crew.

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