Jason Knight is a master bladesmith popular for judging the History Channel’s “Forged In Fire”. He arrived when the show was in its third season as James Neilson’s replacement. Jason then returned for the fourth season, only to disappear from the show. Well, where is Jason Knight now?

This Jason Knight wiki attempts to find the reality star’s whereabouts, his wife, net worth, and age. Furthermore, it highlights his height, family, and kids.

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Where Is Jason Knight Now?

As of March 2021, Jason Knight now was living in Charleston, South California honing his craft. Working at the Knight Forge Studio, he regularly shares videos on his YouTube channel. Back in February 2021, he taught a class on Elemental Tomahawk. According to his website, the interested party needed to pay $300 as a deposit upon registration. Jason also seemed equally active on Instagram, promoting his recent projects.

Jason Knight left “Forged In Fire” for multiple reasons. For starters, he didn’t agree with the producers who prioritized entertainment over craftmanship. Jason told the “Fans of the Forge” that viewers missed out on essential info as a result. He then urged the fans to be a maker (not a taker). By his admission, we need to stay away from the “Walmart mentality.”

Although Jason admitted the show helped expose knife making to the masses, he also called its producers “snake” for stealing his ideas.

Jason Knight Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Jason Knight was reportedly born in 1965, making him 55 years of age in 2020. Interestingly, he was yet to share his date of birth.

Meanwhile, his wife, Shelly Knight celebrates her birthday on 5th July.

Jason Knight Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Jason Knight is a native of Charleston, South Carolina. Growing up, he drew inspiration from the stories (by Edgar Rice Boroughs) that his father read to him. Meanwhile, his mother made costumes for him to wear. As of 2018, Jason’s father was still alive.

Influenced by the Native American culture, Jason developed a passion for knife making early on. With encouragement from his partner, he attended the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing. He also attended the American Bladesmith Society, graduating in 2007. What’s more, Jason graduated from St. George High School, St. George, SC in 2001.

If you’re wondering what a young Jason Knight looked like, check this link!

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Jason Knight measures around 5 feet 11 inches in height. Meanwhile, he weighed under 89 kilograms in 2021.

Other than his signature beard, Jason has a tattoo of The Outlaw of Torn on his arm.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Even after exiting “Forged In Fire,” Jason garnered an impressive following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As of March 2021, 120k, 40k, and 80 people followed him on the respective platforms.

Moreover, 90.6k people subscribed to Jason’s channel on YouTube.

Jason Knight Net Worth, Knives, Career

According to sources online, Jason Knight enjoys more than $800 thousand in net worth. As of 2021, he was still working as an ABS Master Bladesmith at Knight Forge Studio. Before this, he worked at Beidler Forest Audubon Center & Sanctuary.

Because of his signature style and technique, James’ blades are highly sought after. In 2017, he joined the Winkler Knives Team as a designer and consultant. Here’s a list of awards won by James:

  • 2017   Knife Collaboration of the Year
  • 2012   Best Bowie; Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair
  • 2010   Battle of the Bladesmith Champion – ABS Great Smokey Mountain Symposium
  • 2008   BLADE Handmade Award for Best Bowie; Blade Magazine
  • 2008   Bill Moran Award; American Bladesmith Society
  • 2008   Best Bowie; Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair
  • 2008   Best Fighter; Arkansas Knife Makers Association Show
  • 2007   B.R. Hughes Award; American Bladesmith Society
  • 2007   ABS Mastersmith Rating; American Bladesmith Society
  • 2006   BLADE Handmade Award for Best Fighter; Blade Magazine
  • 2006   Best Fighter; Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair
  • 2006   Best Fighter; Arkansas Knife Makers Association Show
  • 2004   BLADE Handmade Award for Best Non-Damascus Hand-Forged Knife; Blade Magazine
  • 2004   Best Non-Damascus Hand-Forged; Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair
  • 2003   ABS Journeyman Rating; American Bladesmith Society
  • 2002   South Carolina Knife of the Year; South Carolina Association of Knifemakers
  • 2001   Best New Maker; Blade Show West

Arizona Custom Knives on its website sells Jason Knight’s knives. Based on the prices, they go from as high as $575 and as low as $95. Jason also sells merch on his website. Moreover, he hosts the podcast titled “Beyond The Edge of Knight”.

Jason Knight Wife, Kids, Shelly Knight

As of March 2021, Jason Knight was still married to his wife, Shelly Knight. Based on this photo shared by Jason, they tied the knot before 2006.

Even after so many years into their married life, Jason still seems head over heels for Shelly. In an August 2020 Facebook post, he labeled her “my girl”.


Jason Knight with his wife, Shelly Knight, and their kids, Tigerlily and Tristen (Source: Instagram)

From their marriage, Jason and his wife, Shelly had 2 kids: Tristen and Tigerlily Knight. As of 2021, Tristen was living in Charleston, South Carolina. Meanwhile, Tigerlily called Petersburg, Alaska her home. Both Tigerlily and Tristen appear to be interested in knife making.

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