Dannielle Merrifield became a household name after joining the cast of “Seeking Sister Wife”. Appearing alongside her husband, Garrick, and their sister-wife, Roberta, she made her TLC debut in 2021.

Keep reading this Dannielle Merrifield wiki and uncover facts about the reality star such as her age, job, and height. Likewise, find out her net worth, Instagram, and maiden name. (Clonazepam)

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Dannielle Merrifield Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In 2020, Dannielle Merrifield turned 33 years old; making her 4 years younger than her husband, Garrick.

Every morning on 8th August, family, and friends shower Dannielle with birthday messages.

Meanwhile, courtesy of date of birth (08/08/1987), Dannielle was born a Leo.

Dannielle Merrifield Wiki — Maiden Name, Family, Hometown

Danielle Merrifield’s maiden name is Krueger. According to reports online, she was born Dannielle Michelle Krueger.

As of 2021, Danielle was residing in her husband, Garrick’s hometown of Buena Vista Colorado. Her hometown, meanwhile, is Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Reportedly, she also lived in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Danielle likely grew up religious. However, she didn’t openly list her political and religious beliefs on social media.

Per, the likes of Hannah Retzlaff, Samuel Krueger, Samantha Krueger, Beige Merrifield, and Zach Merrifield are Dannielle’s family, friends, neighbors, and associates.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Danielle Merrifield measures few inches shorter than her husband, Garrick. In other words, she is around 5 feet 7 inches in height.

As for her weight, it shouldn’t be any more than 54 kilograms. What’s more, Danielle is a redhead with a lovely personality.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Danielle Merrifield is active on Facebook. Interestingly, she hid her friends’ list from the public. She shared these hashtags on her profile on the platform— “#womanoffaith #blessedbeyondallmeasure #servant #daughteroftheking #usemeforyourglory”

The mother-of-two also kept her Instagram (@damerrifieldx) private, as of March 2021. Meanwhile, she didn’t appear to be on Twitter.

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Dannielle Merrifield Job, Net Worth, Education

With appearances on “Seeking Sister Wife,” Dannielle added the label of a reality star to her growing job titles.

Beyond the TLC fame, Dannielle most likely lived as a stay-at-home mother, looking after her 2 children.

Meanwhile, Garrick is the president at the Merrifield Custom Builders & Landscaping. Launched In 2014, the company offers custom artistic building and design.

According to the company’s profile on, they “are your custom builders and landscapers. We will rise to the occasion to make your dream a reality and work with you side by side treating you with respect and Integrity. We strive to be the best and most artistic to make you dream a one of a kind.”

Back to Dannielle Merrifield, she reportedly owns $500 thousand net worth.

Dannielle Merrifield Seeking Sister Wife, Garrick, Roberta

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield were the fresh faces to join the cast of “Seeking Sister Wife” in season 6. Other new couples included the Clarks and the Jones.

Season 6 of “Seeking Sister Wife” documented Garrick and Dannielle divorce one another so that Roberta, who hails from Brazil, becomes a sister wife.

Married for more than and a decade, Garrick and Dannielle realized the God pushed them to a plural marriage lifestyle. They then found their forever in Roberta online.

When the authorities denied Roberta the visa, the couple met her in Cabo, Mexico. There, they got engaged and became intimate. For Dannielle, the experience turned difficult as she dealt with the rigors of sharing Garrick with somebody else. In her own words— “it was a little hard at first sharing Garrick and that intimacy. I cried and I had a really hard time. But I definitely knew that it was what was supposed to be and that she was part of our life, so that secured me.”

Meeting Roberta for the first time was a surreal experience for both Garrick and Dannielle. Meanwhile, their kids, Geremiah and Solomon, were nervous about meeting Roberta. Dannielle shared— “The boys, I think at first they were super nervous about Roberta. Geremiah was like, ‘I only have one mom!’ It’s hard because she’s in Brazil, she’s not a part of our everyday life. They don’t talk to her every day like we do — language barrier and all that. So it is a little bit of an adjustment.”

For Roberta to fully integrate into the Merrifield family, Garrick had to legally marry her first. Before that, he needed to divorce Dannielle.

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