Dan Phillippi and Nikki Phillippi tasted the amassed hate of the internet after they attempted to come clean about euthanizing their dog Bowser that had practically since its birth. Ever since the video was posted on Nikki’s YouTube channel, the married couple has been ravaged on the internet even by high-profile individuals.

So, who is Dan Phillippi, the husband of Nikki Phillippi? Scroll down this Dan Phillippi wiki to learn more about him.

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Dan Phillippi Age

Dan Phillippi celebrates his birthday every year on 13 June. He turned 34 years old in 2020. Based on that information, Dan owned Gemini as her zodiac sign.

Dan Phillippi Family

Hailing from the hometown of Santa Clarita, California, Daniel Phillippi shared very little regarding his parents. But research on his family background brought up the fact that he is one of the three sons of Jim Phillippi and his wife Jane Phillippi.

Jim Phillippi, a native of Portland, Oregon, attended Life Pacific University. He worked at The Foursquare Church. He worked for Cal Coast Promo products based in Oxnard, California in the sales department.

Jim and Jane tied the knots in 1978 and have been together ever since. Furthermore, almost no information on Jan surfaced as of this writing.

Coming to the details about Dan’s siblings, he has two brothers Chad Phillippi and Ryan Phillippi. Chad attended and graduated from Fullerton College and became a police officer.

His Height

Almost the same height as his wife, Dan Phillippi stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). Whereas, he weighed about 74 kilograms (163 lbs).

Besides that, Dan’s neck is noticeably long which happens to be his distinct features. Moreover, Over the years, when he kept his hair short and clean-shaved his facial hair. He then grew his hair and beard long which was a change very few people expected to see.

His Instagram, Twitter

The aftermath of euthanizing Bowser, Dan, and Nikki’s dog wasn’t a very desirable scene. They faced backlash and harsh criticism which led to him either making his socials private or deactivating them.

Dan deactivated both Instagram and Twitter. Whereas, his wife Nikki with 438k followers kept her IG profile private. The only social media site Dan is on was Facebook. The last post which Dan wrote on the platform was the same poem he posted on his Instagram account about his dog.

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Dan Phillippi Job, Salary

To begin this section, Dan Phillippi enrolled at Valencia High. He completed his high school education from the same after that. Later, he enrolled at the College of the Canyons. According to Dan’s Facebook profile, he studied welding in college.

Before the downfall of YouTube’s favorite couple, Dan and Nikki Phillippi had to start somewhere and it all began in July 2010. Any details on the job of Dan from that time period remain obscure.

Nikki Phillippi woke up with a sign a message from God telling her to get on YouTube. From that point on, lives changed forever for Dan and Nikki. Nikki, who had very little knowledge of YouTube compared to Dan, decided to create a channel where she would explore the world of fashion and lifestyle videos.

This helped generate passive income on the side. Meanwhile, Dan was busy following his own dreams to become a Nascar driver while working in his job as a welder. Up until 2015, he was still working on a job as a welder.

As reported, Dan’s job as a welder earned him an average of $37 thousand a year.

Dan documented his first Nascar race on his Facebook. According to his profile, he raced for the first time in Irwindale Event Center. His dream of being a NASCAR driver came true in early August 2015. He rode Chevrolet 55 for the race.

According to Driver Database, Dan took part in 12 races in total.

Dan And Nikki Phillippi: Wedding, Kids

Dan Phillippi and his wife Nikki Phillippi are together for a very long time. Based on Dan’s Facebook, the couple shared their wedding vows on 23 February 2008. From that point on, they stayed happily married.

The couple after 11 years of marriage, welcomed their firstborn in late January 2020.

On 24 May 2021, Nikki posted a video on her channel titled We have some really sad news. In the 24 something minutes video, the couple explained they put down their nine-year-old bull terrier, Bowser.

The reason behind it was Bowser bit the couple’s one-year-old son. Though the injury wasn’t bad and their son endured a little mark, the couple decided to euthanize their dog.

The world of the internet riled up and criticism flooded on each of their social media. What made the incident worse was, they even prepared a “Poem” for the dog that they posted on social media.

On, a petition was created to demonetize Nikki Phillippi’s YouTube. At the time of this writing, the petition was signed by 9434 people.

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