Meet Dalen Spratt, leader of the group of ghost hunters who investigate the most haunted locations in America in an attempt to prove that ghosts are real on Ghost Brothers. The television series about the paranormal aired from 2016 to 2017 and has since released three spinoffs already.

Now, the April of 2021, saw Discovery+ streaming Ghost Brothers: Lights Out, bringing back again Hunting brothers Dalen, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey.

Below, is a Dalen Spratt wiki concerning the star of our article.

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His Age: How Old Is He?

Born as a Pisces on March 18, 1986, Dalen Spratt reached the age of 35 in 2021.

His Hometown, Family

Dalen continued to live in his hometown of Dallas, a city in the United States state of Texas. mentioned his mother and grandmother.

When Dalen was still a child, his mom used to be a pastor. Thus, the religious upbringing really influenced his belief that God exists.

Further, at the age of seven, Dalen Spratt insists he saw an apparition in his grandmother’s house which eventually strengthened his belief in ghosts.

Also, referring to his mama’s eight sisters, Dalen has said he was “raised by an ARMY” and that he loves each one of them and his mama is his best friend and has been there for him through thick and thin.

Dalen Spratt Tattoos

Dalen Spratt, standing 5′ 10″ tall in height, has been making his social media people blush with all of his tattoos showing shots for a while now. Even he himself has it believing his inks “look fire.”

Basically, he has tattoos everywhere but the piece on the center of his chest is something else. About it, he replied to a certain Insta-follower that he had this tattoo at his dude (@tattoosbyrandy) based in Atlanta.

Dalen Spratt On Ghost Stories

Dalen’s fan spotted him in the latest spinoff of the series Ghost Brothers Lights Out and Fright Club.

Addicted to history both in and outside of the paranormal, and as the ringleader of the Ghost Brothers trio, Dalen— “has his finger on the pulse of the who, what, where, when, and why of each case they investigate”— just as the way his bio on Discovery put it.

From the show, it is apparent, Dalen is adventurous, bold, and brave enough to try anything while attempting to make contact with the spirit world.

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Her Instagram, Twitter

Dalen had 21.2k followers on Instagram, almost 10K on Twitter, and 9.9K on Facebook.

His social media sharing is mostly the updates from Ghost Brothers and the adventures to several destinations involving the show. Now, with the shows becoming even more popular, he and his fellows are likely to amass more attention, viewers, and social media followers among other privileges.

Dalen Spratt Net Worth

Dalen Spratt, who previously starred in the Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests as well as Haunted Salem: Live, has hoarded a net worth of $14 million from his multiple undertakings.

So, his Instagram bio introduces him as the producer of Travel Channel’s Ghost Brothers, owner of Loren Spratt, a Forex Trader, and an MBA graduate.

Dalen Spratt Wife, Girlfriend

In a throwback post on Instagram on Mar. 26, 2020, Dalen humorously spoke about the time when he was searching for “a good wholesome woman” on Christian Mingle.

Anyway, Dalen Spratt appeared single even today, at the time of this writing. Or, if that is not the case, it would mean he has sealed the details concerning his dating life good and proper from the media as well as his fans.

Even his social media is as low profile as it would come. His online pages are not at all telling about his personal affairs.

But, he sure put a lot of his thoughts regarding his future wife on Twitter especially in between the years 2011 and 2012. Now and then, he would tweet the likes of:

  • I wonder what my FUTURE wife is doing right now?….. Probably something she’ll never tell me about.

  • I swear my future wife is going to be one blessed woman… I’m working hard now so she won’t want for anything.

At one time, Dalen wished a certain Connie Chris on her birthday, writing, “Happy birthday to my future wife”.

During the same time frame, Dalen also tweeted many ‘girlfriend’ tweets that read the likes of— “I think I need a girlfriend… Or at least a chick I really really like” or “I haven’t had a haircut in a month. Growing it for this play I’m in… If I had a girlfriend she’d be ashamed.”

Especially in Aug. 2010, Dalen said his next girlfriend will be his last girlfriend.

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  2. […] More Reads: Dalen Spratt Wiki: Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Tattoos […]

  3. […] Also, Don’t Miss: Dalen Spratt Wiki: Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Tattoos […]

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