Famous for being a mother of 9 children, is a rare reality people not even fantasize about. Courtney Waldrop is living her undreamt dreams. A blessing of 9 children and especially, being the mother of 6 children at once is not something any mother could experience.

Curious to know about how she had sextuplets and what job she does to support her kids’ needs? Read further!

Courtney Waldrop Wiki — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Courtney Waldrop reached the age of 38 on her 2020 birthday. She was born on 3rd March 1982, thus making her Pisces by zodiac sign.

Biography — Parents, Siblings, Maiden Name

Although Courtney’s present family is on the TV screens, she has remained silent on her early family life. Not only her parents and siblings (if she had one) but even her maiden name remains undisclosed.

When it comes to her education, Courtney went to Albertville High School and later Auburn University in Alabama. The detailed info on her hometown in under wraps. However, her recent hometown might be near Albertville, Alabama. She used to teach in Albertville City Schools before being famous.

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Courtney Waldrop Plastic Surgery, Weight Loss, Height

Courtney Waldrop stands at the height of 5 feet 4 inches. Life as a mother of 9 gives you no time to work on your looks. But Courtney manages to look sassy with small-big changes to her looks once in a while.

Most people firstly viewed Courtney Waldrop while she was pregnant with 6 babies. So, after she lost her weight, many thought she opted for plastic surgery. However, plastic surgery was just another rumor about her looks after her weight loss and a fresh-looking hair cut too.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Courtney’s activity rate on social media measures her family’s activity rate. She has a Facebook account of her own. However, her Instagram account has been the joint account of her family that goes by the name, “gods_divine_nine.”

Courtney made her private Instagram account seem like their family’s joint account. This account had more than 369K followers until the initial October days in 2020.

Whatsoever, coming to her Twitter account, the lady doesn’t look much interested in the field.

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Courtney Waldrop Net Worth, Job, Jewelry

Courtney alongside the whole Waldrop family has an online business. Their website “” is a jewelry and overall accessories business. 

Courtney thanked their supporters for the placements of many orders from their website. She was overwhelmed for the love showered to her family for their job too.

Besides their jewelry website, Courtney worked as a teacher while her husband runs a Landscape Design and Maintenance Company. Both Courtney and Eric support their family in every way possible.

Thus, Courtney Waldrop’s personal net worth is somewhere near $850 Thousand.

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Courtney & Eric Waldrop: Dating, Wedding, Kids

By 2020, Courtney Waldrop had been married to the love of her life, Eric Waldrop for more than 16 years. The couple started dating when they in the eighth grade. So, in 2020, Courtney and Eric completed 23 years of their togetherness.

Eric proposed Courtney during the final year of their days at Auburn University. Their relationship since the middle-school finally turned into a wedding in 2004, a month after their graduation.

Courtney and Eric’s kids are probably the most talked-about babies even before they stepped onto the earth. The couple is blessed with 9 adorable kids, two of whom are twins and six younger ones are sextuplets.

Courtney and Eric had a son, Saylor born in 2010, before giving birth to their twins Wales and Bridge in 2013. Their family was just another family of three children of 2 being twins. However, the arrival of sextuplets in their family was when the family was suddenly the talk of the town.

Before their sextuplets were born, TLC offered the family, the reality show Sweet Home Sextuplets. Their three daughters and three sons, Blu, Layke, Tag, Rivers, Rawlings, and Rayne all together, were born in December 2017.


Courtney Waldrop and her husband Eric Waldrop pose with their 9 children. (Pic-Courtney’s Instagram)

The sextuplets, came into this world, ten weeks prematurely. Their names came from the Bible and were all intentionally named differently as Courtney loved it that way. Their birth created a buzz all over as the couple feared miscarriage. Courtney already had pregnancy issues which she had been fighting with fertility medication. (Provigil) The couple had once mentioned that despite the low dose medication, they had many children at a time.

Multiple miscarriage history and premature delivery would fear any parent to be. However, Courtney and Eric’s prayers were heard, for the positive outlook, the couple has given to the world. People always appreciate their strength as well as their parenting skills despite the unthought-of happenings.

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