Dubbed Rachel Dolezal 2.0, Jessica Krug is a history professor at George Washington University. In 2020, Jessica became a social media phenom after admitting to faking her ethnicity/racial identity.

On Medium, Jessica came forward as a white woman. Like Rachel, she published works on subjects concerning black culture and even accepted grants from pro-black institutions. Beyond testifying as an African-American activist, Jessica claimed she was a descendant of slaves from Angola.

The Jessica Krug wiki below highlights details related to her husband, parents, and net worth. Moreover, the article looks into her education, height, and career.

Jessica Krug Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to this profile of the same name, Jessica Krug was born on 13th Dec 1981. Thus, she was 38 years of age when she came clean about her ethnicity.

A December baby, Jessica grew up with the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

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Jessica Krug Parents, Siblings, Early Life

As of Sept 2020, details about Jessica Krug’s parents hadn’t surfaced — other than the fact they were Jewish and White.

Moreover, Jessica reportedly grew up with her siblings — assuming there existed more than one — in suburban Kansas City.

In her 3rd Sept 2020 bombshell post, Jessica blamed her cowardice and mental health vices for her longstanding lies.

According to Jessica, loneliness and isolation gave birth to her false racial identity. In her own words:

“I clearly have been battling some unaddressed mental health demons for my entire life. Mental health issues likely explain why I assumed a false identity initially, as a youth, and why I continued and developed it for so long.”

Furthermore, Jessica claimed her traumatic childhood and troubled life as a teenager spawned the fake persona.

Jessica also did acknowledge her mental health doesn’t justify her lies.

At different points, Jessica admittedly claimed various ethnicities such as North African Blackness, then US rooted Blackness, then the Caribbean rooted Bronx Blackness.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Talking distinct features, Jessica appeared a lot darker than an average woman. No doubt, the same attribute fooled everyone into thinking she was indeed a person of color.

Likewise, Jessica flaunted curls, a feature common amongst black women.

Regarding height, Jessica Krug measured around 5 feet 7 inches. Similarly, her weight hovered under 61 kilograms.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

From what it seemed, shortly after going viral in 2020, Jessica Krug deleted her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Perhaps, the fear of relentless backlash and ridicule from the online community drove Jessica to scrap her presence from the internet.

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Jessica Kurg Net Worth, Career, Education

Circa 2012, Jessica Krug acquired a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Reportedly, she secured funding from the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture to research for her book.

At George Washington University, Jessica landed the associate professor of history gig. The GW’s official website noted,

“Jessica Krug is a historian of politics, ideas, and cultural practices in Africa and the African Diaspora, with a particular interest in West Central Africa and maroon societies in the early modern period and Black transnational cultural studies.”

Additionally, Jessica authored the book “Fugitive Modernities: Politics and Identity Outside the State in Kisama, Angola, and the Americas, c. 1594-Present”. The book allegedly drew inspirations from her alleged ancestors who fled slavery.

When her self-expose came out, a spokesperson for GWU revealed they were investigating Jessica’s case.

Fellow activists too came forth claiming they knew her as Jess La Bombalera from the Bronx. Back in June 2020, Jess had testified to the New York City Council.

In her speech, Jess spoke for racial equality and against gentrification. Excerpts of her speech read,

“I’m Jessa Bombalera. I’m here in El Barrio, East Harlem – you probably have heard about it because you sold my f*****g neighborhood to developers and gentrifiers… I wanna call out all these white New Yorkers who waited four hours with us to be able to speak and then did not yield their time for Black and Brown indigenous New Yorkers.”

Although there didn’t exist a figure to outline her net worth, some claimed it crossed $300 thousand.

Jessica Krug Husband, Boyfriend, Married

As of September 2020, there didn’t exist any report suggesting that Jessica Krug might be a married woman. Safe to say, she didn’t have a husband.

That said, Jessica Krug did put herself in the dating scene and was even looking for a boyfriend. This revelation only came to the light after the Huffington Post reporter Ja’han Jones shared an anecdote involving him and Jessica via Twitter. On 4th September 2020, he tweeted,

“She deleted her Tinder so I can’t show y’all, and I know none of y’all will believe this actually happened, but I matched with Jessica Krug — the white woman pretending to be Black — on Tinder a couple years back and she went in on me for not caring about Black people enough.”

Needless to say, Jessica was searching for a radical/pro-black husband.

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