Actor Clarence Williams III, who was best known for his role as Linc Hayes in Mod Squad & Father in Purple Rain, died in early June 2021. Furthermore, his family that included his wife, his daughter, sister, and her kids and grandkids grieved for the immense loss.

Now, scroll down this article on Claren William III where we discuss details on his wife Kelly, his late ex-wife Gloria Foster, and his children.

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Clarence Williams III Cause Of Death

Clarence Williams III died in Los Angeles on 4 June 2021. The cause of his death was colon cancer he battled for a very long time.

How Old Was He?

Born on 21 August 1939, he was 81 years old at the time of his death. He was a Leo by zodiac sign.

Clarence Williams III Sister

Clarence Williams III is survived by his sister Sondra W Pugh or Sondra W Bennett. The records showed she was born on 23 May 1938 and turned 83 years old in May of 2021. The records further showed she resides in New York, and no further information surfaced in the public domain beyond that on his sister.

Some records were discovered that Sondra married George Edwin Pugh. Together they had lived in Bronx, New York. Her husband was a lawyer by profession.

Clarence William was born to his professional musician father Clarence Williams Jr. and his anonymous mother. While his parents played a significant role in raising him, the contribution of his grandparents was also no less instrumental in his life and career.

Growing up in Harlem, his grandfather Clarence William, a jazz player, and his grandmother Eva Tylor, an actress helped build a career for him. His grandparents stood happily married for 44 years of their life.

How Tall Was He?

Along with a huge build, Clarence William III stood tall at a height of 6 feet (1.80 meters). Whereas, he weighed about 88 kilograms (194 lbs).

Moreover, Clarence’s gapped tooth at the front was his distinct feature.

His Instagram, Facebook

Clarence Williams III was hard to discover on any form of social media platform. Furthermore, we can safely say that he was neither on Facebook nor Instagram nor Twitter.

We can safely establish that he was not interested in living a virtual life of the technological world.

Clarence William III Net Worth

From his career, Clarence Williams III accumulated more than $1 million net worth.

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Clarence Williams III And Gloria Foster: Wedding, Divorce

It was in the movie set of The Cool World where Clarence Williams III and his first wife Gloria Foster met each other in 1964. But, no romantic development between the two was addressed at the time.

Eventually, their path crossed again while they were featured on a TV show titled The Mod Squad. She made two guest appearances in the show. The co-worker eventually married in 1967. They stayed married till 1984 when they decided to get divorced. The reason behind their split remains anonymous.

Nevertheless, they separated on a good term and maintained a great friendship until her death in 2001 due to diabetes.

Who Was Gloria Foster?

Gloria Foster was an imposing and uncompromising actress who in the 1960s and 70s, played roles that were previously inaccessible to African Americans. In 1965, she became powerful the first black woman to play in Medea in New York.

However, Gloria made her first mark in the Off-Broadway historical drama, In White America. She made a huge impression on critics and the audience with her unparalleled performance. Instead of taking success as a stepping stone into her further career in movies and TV, she chose to remain close to her roots.

Gloria acted on nearly 2 dozens plays in her entire career.

However, Gloria did appear in two independent films of the ’60s, Nothing Like a Man and The Cool World. But, she was best known for playing Oracle in The Matrix.

Gloria had an estimated net worth of $400 thousand before she passed away.

Clarence Williams III Children: Daughter

Clarence Williams III was a father. He had a daughter named Jamey Phillips. However, we couldn’t discover any details about his daughter. Furthermore, we were unable to verify details on the mother of his daughter. (

We are also in the dark regarding whether they were or weren’t on a good speaking term with each other. Going by her last name, Jamey was married and had her own kids.

Who Is Clarence Williams III Wife Kelly?

Based on Clarence Williams III’s obituary, she was also survived by his wife Kelly. But, no further information regarding Kelly could be unearthed as of this writing. It appeared she never made public appearances with the actor. There seems to exist no further information on the actor’s wife.

Moreover, we also have no info on the couple having a wedding, or the kids.

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