Ed Asner, the Veteran American actor, died at the age of 91 in his home in Tarzana, California. The reason for his death was yet to come out, but it seems he died of a natural cause. Fans are turning their heads toward his surviving family, most importantly his wife and children.

This Cindy Gilmore Wiki explores details on Ed’s wife. Here you can learn details about her life, career, previous marriage, children, net worth, Ed’s ex-wives.

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Cindy Gilmore Age

Cindy Gilmore was born in 1936, as stated in her IMDB. So, she was 85 years old at the time of this writing (Late August 2021). Other details on her birth are yet to be known.

Cindy Gilmore Family, Hometown

Cindy Gilmore Asner-Cust is private about her family members. Information on her parents and siblings remains unexplored and unshared. She lived in West Hollywood, Charlotte, North Carolina, Burbank, California, Studio City, CA, and Encino California. So, we can conclude she spent most of her life in California.

Gavin Newsom, her nephew is the only known family member of Cindy Gilmore.

Her Height

Cindy Gilmore stood tall at the height above 5 feet 5 inches or 1.65 meters.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Cindy Gilmore is a ghost in social media. She doesn’t seem to have created profiles on any of the social media platforms. Her husband was on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. His handle (@theonlyedasner) gathered 11.1k followers and had 40 posts on the platform in total.

Moreover, Ed’s verified Twitter handle (@TheOnlyEdAsner) gathered 171.3k followers where he tweeted exactly 6,105 times as of this writing. He also has a Facebook account.

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Cindy Gilmore Net Worth

Cindy Gilmore sits on a net worth of over $100 thousand. Whatever she pocketed during financial settlement while getting divorced contributed to that sum.

Cindy Gilmore worked as a producer professionally. As her IMDB revealed, there existed only two credits as a movie producer Sister Act (1992) and Gypsy (1993). On top of that, she also received special thanks for Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

Besides that, Cindy’s career in entertainment or anywhere else for that matter remains obscure.

Whereas, her beloved actor husband Ed became interested in dramatics as a boy and worked on a school radio program. He attended the University of Chicago. But he dropped out after a year and a half, the reason was to work at odd jobs such as taxi driver, encyclopedia salesman, metal finisher at an auto plant while attempting to forge an acting career.

Ed was a military veteran. He was drafted into the Army and sent to France in 1951. After the service, he came back to Chicago to work with the Playwrights Theater Club and the Compass Players, a precursor of the Second City comedy troupe.

Ed’s acting career also includes theater work in New York. In 1961, he moved to California and started pursuing an acting career more rigorously.

Ed earned worldwide recognition for his portrayal of Lou Grant, the gruff but lovable newsman. He approached the role of Lou Grant when he was 40.

During his career as an actor, Ed Asner won seven Emmy Awards five of them for playing the same character as Lou Grant.

Ed also worked as president of the Screen Actors Guild from 1981 to 1985 and was active in political causes both within and beyond the entertainment industry. He supported the cause such as unionism, animal rights, and the American military presence in El Salvador.

Was Cindy Gilmore Ed Asner’s First Wife?

No, Nancy Sykes Asner was the first wife of Ed Asner. They married in 1959. The couple divorced in 1988.


Cindy’s ex-husband Ed and his first wife Nancy Sykes Asner (Pic: Nancy’s Facebook)

Nancy was on Facebook with 104 friends. According to her Facebook, Nancy died in April 2019 fighting cancer for 5 years. As shared, most of her extended family still lived in Columbus, Ohio.

Cindy Gilmore And Ed Asner: Wedding, Children

After 10 years of divorcing his first wife, Ed Asner met Cindy Gilmore and got engaged in 1991. After 8 years, the couple tied the knots on 2 August 1998. But, their marriage fell apart after 8 years and they separated on 7 November 2007. But, he only filed for divorce in 2015.

Ed Asner and Nancy Sykes had 3 children; two daughters Liza Asner and Kate Asner and a son named Matthew Asner. Among the three children, Matt and Kate were twins. Ed also had a son named Charles Asner from his relationship with a woman named Carol Jean Vogelman.
Ed has been an Autism advocate for a very long time. During one interview with The Tennessean in 2017, Ed admitted he didn’t realize Charlie had autism at first, but learning about his son inspired him to advocate.

Kate is married and has three children (two sons and a daughter) with her husband.

Ed’s daughter Liza Asner studied Journalism/Radio-TV at Northeastern University. She later attended and studied Leadership in Higher Education at Capella University.

Before that, she worked in Production at KPTV Channel 12, Office Manager at Saturday Conservatory Of Music – SCM, Associate Producer at Quince Productions, and as Booking Agent/Producer at God Help Us Starring Ed Asner.

Ed’s son Matthew Asner is married to Navah Paskowitz.

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